Krinklies, a new craft creation

Krinklies are a new fun craft creation and something I thought might keep the boy amused while we were at home over Easter. These colourful, bendy, connectable craft pieces are easy to use and suitable for children aged 8+. So what are Krinklies? well have you ever played with a straw from your favourite drink carton? Krinklies are the bendy bit of the straw! Highly addictive to play with, we even got Bingo Granny to have a go at making something with them.


Our Krinklies box came with 2 packets of bright bendy Krinklies (over 200), glue dots, scissors, clear mini connectors, 2 clear tubes for straightening the Krinklies. (note the box is still going through rebranding and ours is a sample)

There are two ways to use Krinklies, join them and bend them into the shape, we linked ours and made a bright coloured chain. Or you can cut and join them with the glue dots to make 3D models. The Krinklies are very tactile and easy to handle, as you get more confident with them you can make more elaborate models. We made a small table, which the boy quickly turned into a BBQ complete with smoke!

making models with krinklies

The Krinklies are easy to use, fitting the connectors is the only fiddly part, and a certain amount of patience is needed. This is possibly why the recommended age is set at 8+. The boy only needed a little help, and once he started to use his imagination then there was no stopping him. You can make funny faces, spell your own name and then bend them back into another shape.

creating models with krinklies

Krinklies are available from the online shop with the boxed kit costing £18.95, this includes £4.00 postage. This does seem a little pricey, but the box does come complete with everything you will need to get started and aprox 200 Krinklies. Top up packs cost as little as £1.20 for a bag of 100 links and £1.44 for 40 coloured Krinklies.

I think Krinklies will be a great store cupboard craft, and combined with other craft materials will be very useful for school projects and construction tasks. We both agreed that Krinklies were good fun, both as a craft and a toy, and hope that these little colourful bendy craft will be available in the shops soon.

Disclaimer we were sent a box of Krinklies to try the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.


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    1. They are like the bendy bit from the straw, but longer if that makes sense! We had great fun with them.

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