Are you a K’nex-pert?

Are you a K’nex-pert?

NO! then why not? Ok I know not everyone has heard of K’nex, they are set this year to be a whole lot more popular in homes in the UK. K’nex now have a UK distribution and this American construction toy will be more widely available, just in time for Christmas.

I first came across K’nex about 10 years ago when my Godson first was given the ferris wheel set for Christmas. I remember all too well the crys of help, and sore fingers, as well as the satisfaction of completing this very amazing and impressive construction. Since having the boy, K’nex had slipped to the back of my mind, but seemed a perfect new construction toy to try over the holidays.


Like most typical 8 year old boys, he likes the ‘other’ construction toy for which he is a plan follower. K’nex has much more flexability to make structures from you own imagination. We were sent a starter set to try out which comes with instructions, but they are more suggestions of where to start. Sets start from just £10 which we thought was great value for money. Our starter set costs RRP £19.99 and came with a good mix of standard size and half sized pieces, and with this made some cool working models including a robot man on a unicycle.

I had noticed Hobby Craft, who have a good selection offering 25% off sets over the summer so treated the boy to a couple more boxes so that the boy could take part in the challenge of becoming a K’nexpert.


K’nex are asking all the budding architects to design and build a K’nex inspired structure. You have till the end of October to send in your designs with a one minute video explain the thoughts behind your construction as well as your design ideas. The boy was only too pleased to take part in this fun challenge and after a couple of weeks experimenting. The boy was inspired by constructing the Ferris wheel from one of the sets to make his very own traveling fair. He had great fun working out how to build a tower and then a train, and was pleased that he could add and remove parts of his construction. His video better explains his thoughts.

I am pleased to have rediscovered K’nex, as I can see that it has opened up the boys imagination to new ways of construction. There is some great maths needed for this toy with has also helped with the boys visualisation of lengths and measuring. We have had some great fun with K’nex over the summer, and I know that we will be on the look out for some Christmas inspiration in not too many weeks time.

If you think you have what it takes to become the next K’nex-pert then entry details can be found here, and there are some pretty cool prizes to be won.

Disclaimer, we were sent a set of Knex construction to, to promote and enter the Knepert challenge. The opinions remain our own and have not been altered.


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