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Wordsearch Junior from Drumond Park is a great game for children aged 4+ it can be played with 2 to 4 players and with three different levels of difficulty is a great way to get children interested in patterns and word finding.

The boy was keen to work out how to play this game, and it was easy for him to put the board together without any help from me. Wordsearch Junior comes with 12 double-sided coloured discs you choose your difficulty:

Blue finding picture patterns
Red finding words with picture hints
Green finding words

Place a disc in the slots on the top of the board cover with the clear board piece and line up the ring ready to start. Players take it in turns to turn the ring, finding the animal sequence or words before their opponent’s, the first player to find the word shouts out and points, if correct they cover the word with one of their coloured discs. Play continues, and if a word crosses an opponent’s word remove their disk, replacing with one of your colour.
The winner is simply the person with the most coloured discs when all the words or patterns have been found!

This is a fast game and something the boy has enjoyed playing, he found the animal sequences too easy so moved onto the harder word ones. The boy has also found that it is easier when the words are the right way round, but by turning the disk this means that each person has the same chances of finding words when they are upside down!


We were also sent a copy of the Adult version of Wordsearch this is for ages 8+ again 2-4 players. The setup for this version is the same as the Wordsearch Junior. This time there are no picture clues, just the words, and each disc has a different topic. I challenged Dad to a game while the boy was in bed, and was soundly beaten. I just wasn’t fast enough finding the words. This would be a great Christmas day game for us as we like to play something after our Christmas feast, so I think we might be challenging Granny to a game very soon!

If you would like to win a copy of Wordsearch Junior in time for Christmas then just follow the rafflecopter instructions below.

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Drumond park games can be found in all main toyshops Wordsearch Junior RRP £18.99 and Wordsearch is RRP £19.99

Disclaimer we have been sent a copy of each of these games to review the opinions remain ours and have not been altered.

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  1. Pedantic , my gran was forever telling me not to be so pedantic eventually looked it up when i was about 13 and have loved the word ever since xoxox

  2. Sorry im going for a word i love the sound of and its pedantic – the first time i heard it was a few years ago and i just like to work it in to a conversation sometimes as i think it sounds great – weird i know 🙂

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