Hotel Tycoon – Review

Hotel Tycoon is a great new board game from Esdevium Games for 2 to 4 players aged 8+ and RRP £24.99.

hotel tycoon

There are two  parts to Hotel Tycoon which make it slightly different to the normal game. The first is the buildings. On first unpacking the game you will have to become a paper engineer and assemble all the different hotel complexes before you start play. The boy and I were looking forward to this part, and although some, were tricky, the task was soon complete and a trial game was set up.

hotel tycoon buildings

  • The contents of Hotel Tycoon include: Game board, 30 buildings with 8 gardens, 8 title deeds, 30 entrances, 4 airplane playing pieces, 2 dice, rules, money and initial set up sheet.

At first glance Hotel Tycoon looked like it was going to be difficult to learn, the aim is simple to bankrupt all the other players. The winner is the one left at the end of the game with all the money. We decided like other games we test a trail no winner game was needed to get used to the rules. We chose our coloured planes and set off.

hotel tycoon game

Each player starts with $12,000 of a mixture of notes, and play is with one number dice. Much like most board games six gives an extra go, with each roll entitling you to land and action the square you land on. The first space you need to land on is a buying space, and this will entitle you to buy the land and title-deed. The next space you need is planning permission this will help you to build your hotel complex. Here the second dice comes into play with a green yes, red no, free hotel and double cost sides. The build for free space are exactly that, and also the free entrance space. There are two extra action areas on the board one where you pass and collect $2,000 handy if you are running out of cash. Passing the control tower allows you to buy an entrance.

hotel Tycoon

I know this all sounds very complicated, but we found as we went through our trial game the rules were fairly simple to pick up. The only one question which the rule book didn’t answer was how many doorsteps each hotel complex could have? A quick look at the box and we realised you can have as many as there are free squares. The boy soon picked up the idea of the game, getting as much money off the other players and set about building on the most expensive site on the board, Uptown Towers.

As soon as you have started to build on your site, and you have an entrance you can start collecting rent. This was the boys favourite part, and he was soon commanding hefty fines off me for all his buildings. As play progresses the Hotel Tycoon starts to look very impressive with all the high-rise buildings. We enjoyed our test game and couldn’t wait for Dad to get home to try Hotel Tycoon out on him.

hotel tycoon board

Hotel Tycoon is a great family game, with skill and amount of luck needed to become a winner. The boy already has favourite property’s and loves the high-rise towers. Playing with 3 players was a much shorter and enjoyable game, once we had eliminated Dad then the game had to be declared a draw as both the boy and I had an even mix of properties and the money was just being swapped across the table.

We love Hotel Tycoon, teaching the boy that sometimes you have to think before you take your move or buy in case you are going to land somewhere expensive. Counting and calculating change was another great lesson, not that we usually deal in 1,000’s of pounds in pocket-money! Hotel Tycoon is already set for great things winning an Independent toy shop award, and we think it is well deserved as it will be a game we play lots this Christmas.

Hotel Tycoon is available in shops online, or from Argos now, for more information visit the website or Facebook page.

If you would like to have the chance to win a copy of Hotel Tycoon as the first in my series of… 12 giveaways of Christmas then  enter my Gleam giveaway below.

Hotel Tycoon


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Disclaimer, we were sent a copy of Hotel Tycoon to review and keep the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.



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