Happy Days Tenby Ravensburger puzzle – review

Happy Days Tenby Ravensburger puzzle is the latest town to be made into a 1,000 piece puzzle form in the happy days series. Happy Days Tenby is available now RRP £11.99 and I would recommend this puzzle for ages 10+

Happy Days Tenby was a puzzle that caught the boy’s eye, when the postman delivered the latest batch. I think it was the bright colours and fun seaside picture, that made the boy want to help me with this puzzle. Happy Days Tenby has been a complete joy, and its been great to complete this puzzle with the boys help. We started sorting the pieces and the all important edges, the boy very quickly had the outside completed, and we moved onto filling in.

happy days tenby

The boy wanted to start on the boats, but soon realised it was easier to start with the brightly coloured houses. I picked out and sorted the colours for him and he was soon completing portions of the puzzle easily on his own. Each Sunday bingo granny comes to visit, and it wasn’t long before we had her joining in with our Happy Days Tenby puzzle. It was lovely to see three generations engaged in a puzzle and all enjoying the satisfaction on completing their part.

happy days tenby puzzle

I have found the Happy Days Tenby puzzle to be engrossing, colourful and a joy to complete. There werent any particularly tedious parts to the puzzle as there was plenty of interest. I think this puzzle would take about 4-5 hours to complete in one sitting. Happy Days Tenby is and illustration by Kevin Walsh, a Yorkshire born artist, and a magical picture that has brought Tenby to life for us. I think we have inspired bingo granny to start puzzling again as I think she had forgotten what an enjoyable pastime jigsaws can be. The boy has enjoyed putting the Happy Days Tenby puzzle together, and even Dad was pleased when he found a few pieces that fitted!

tenby happy days

I have loved Happy Days Tenby as much as everyone else, and think this has been my favourite puzzle of all the ones I have completed this month. I would certainly look at other puzzles in the Happy Days series, which are all done by different artists. Each one has a different feel and I think this helps to show the difference in the city’s and towns of Great Britain.

Happy Days Tenby is available to buy with my affiliate link, or visit the Ravensburger website for more puzzle in the Happy Days series. Mary Over at Over 40 and a Mum to one also reviewed this puzzle pop over to see what she thought.

Disclaimer we were sent this puzzle to review the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

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    1. yes my son is getting quite excited as he wants a big one to do so we are going to try a 2,000 piece and see what happens!

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