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Gross Magic is definitely not for the squeamish, so when we were asked to review this box of gross tricks I thought it would be right up the boys street. Gross Magic is recommended for ages 8+ with an RRP £19.99. The box contains too many parts to list, with posts of slime, props and instructions for over 40 tricks.

gross magic

Some of the Gross Magic tricks in the box are ones that the boy has in other magic sets, but just a little bit more sticky or gross with everything from cockroaches to pots of pretend poo! (Well I hope its pretend) The boy was impressed with the amount of tricks in the box, the instructions detail over 40 tricks, but I am sure that you could make up more as there are plenty of props to work with. I was realy surprised that the boy wasn’t more keen to get his hands dirty with Gross Magic, but he has decided that it was too scary? He wasn’t keen on the plastic cockroaches or the slime opting for the tricks he could perform without having to touch anything. This is not something he would have been worried about when he was 5 or 6 so I wonder if this is a set better suited to this age group.

We set about testing out some of the props and here are a three of our favourite tricks.

As you can see the boy was not particually happy about the tricks, but still managed to perform them easily. I think if he had performed them infront of some mates the enthusiasm may have been different. We both agreed that some of the instructions and tricks were more difficult than others and would need some practice. The set is pretty full of some interesting props and I think any magic fan who is bored of the normal card type tricks would love this set.

whats in the box

Gross Magic is available from toy shops, as well as online stores and you can find out more by having a look at the website here. If you would like the chance to win a set of Gross Magic then why not enter the rafflecopter below, but beware its not for the sqeemish!

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Disclaimer, we were sent Gross Magic to review and keep the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.
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  1. I grew up loving Paul Daniels so he is my favourite! I always loved seeing white bunnies appearing from hats! Amazing!

  2. Troy, his best magic trick/illuision was when he went into a phone shop and folded a flyer and turned it into a 20 pound note, the women were speechless, they tried it as soon as he left the shop, but……… it didnt work

  3. Dynamo. I always try and work out magicians’ tricks but I don’t even know where to start with his.

  4. My 10 year old daughter is my favourite magician! She loves learning and doing tricks for family and friends. When she went with Brownies to entertain at the old folks home the other Brownies recited poems and sang songs, my little girl did magic tricks! She would absolutely love this set – and she’s not afraid of goo!

  5. i love david copperfield, saw him in vegas on our honeymoon, he made a motorcycle dissapear right in front of my eyes!!! amazing

  6. Dynamo for sure! any trick would be great but Im not the best at magic best left to my son lol

  7. Penn and Teller – I remember a long time ago when they were on Jonathon Ross’s ‘The Last Resort’ and Teller inhaled string through his nose, then pulled it our through his belly button, it was pretty gross at the time, but I’ve never forgotten it!

  8. I’m not really a huge magician fan but since my son has started to enjoy magic we have been watching a lot of Dynamo and I find him fascinating! I have no idea how he does any of his tricks. The walking on water is probably the one that has stuck in my mind the most.
    Mummy of Two recently posted…Silent Sunday #11My Profile

  9. I like criss angel. my fave trick was when he gave the illusion that he’d cut a mans bottom half away from the top half and the man was able to run around the grass on his hands. Just…how?!

  10. Paul Daniels i like his card tricks amazing that you can watch so close up and not see how he does it.

  11. I like the American magician Mark Wilson, as he is good at teaching tricks, like the silk to egg trick.

  12. paul daniels is the best I used to love it as a kid when him and his wife did the whole cut her in half trick

  13. I love Dynamo’s trick where he throws a playing card at a mirror, shattering it into a pattern.

  14. Penn and teller – (I know that’s two but they’re a duo so classed as One :P)

    Their shooting bullet trick, amazing! 🙂 xx

  15. Dynamo my fave trick he does is where he magics a mobile phone inside a bottle while everyones watching him

  16. Stephen mulhern – hes so gorge he can do any trick for me x but I did love his milk disappearing trick at butlins x

  17. I like Troy and the trick he does where he can put your face on a £10 note,he did it on This Morning a few weeks ago with Phillip Schofield,was fab

  18. I love the masked magician that used to appear on the tv programme revealing all of the magicians secrets 🙂

  19. there was someone on britains got talant last year, he was really good 🙂
    my sons loves to try magic tricks, i keep meaning to buy him more things to encourage him so this would be super for him 🙂

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