Green Earth Pan by Ozeri

We were sent the Green Earth Pan by Ozeri to test, and I have been pleasantly surprised by how easy this 8″ frying pan is to use and clean. So much so that I let the boy loose with it, knowing he couldn’t go wrong. The Greblon non stick coating on the inside of this pan allows air under the food. Cooking the food faster and with less oil needed. We found that simply using a spray oil like the Fussels Rapeseed oil you only needed a couple of squirts and this was enough to prevent food from sticking.

Green Earth Pan by Ozeri

The Green Earth Pan come in a lovely green colour which I was happy with as it compliments other items in my kitchen. The pan has a nice heavy bottom so doesn’t move about on my gas cooker like one of my other lighter pans does. The Green Earth pan is suitable for all hobs, including induction and with an Eco friendly coating I have no worry of harmful plastics of fumes as I cook.

I set the boy the task of cooking a bacon butty, and he found the pan easy to use as the bacon didn’t stick at all. The bacon cooked in no time and was easily turned with a quick flip from the boy. The handle is a nice soft silicone feel so didn’t get too hot and the Green Earth pan stayed put on the hob. The bacon came up all lovely and crispy, just the way I like it, and cleaned very easily after use with no rescue and little elbow grease!

cooking bacon in green earth pan

The Green Earth Frying pan comes in three different sizes from our little 8″ (20cm) pan right up to a 12″ (26cm) so there is a size to suit every family needs. I think the 8″ pan is perfect for the smaller kitchen, and costs from RRP £39.95, but currently on offer for £24.95 which is a better price for the size. We have been pleasantly surprised that the coating can make such a difference and look forward to our bacon butty’s again next week.

Disclaimer I was sent this item for review, the opinion remains mine and has not been altered.

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