Glorious Vintage Ravensburger Puzzle – Review

Glorious Vintage is a new Ravensburger 1,000 piece puzzle illustrated by American artist Aimee Stewart. I would suggest this puzzle would be suited to ages 12+ and costs RRP £11.99.

The picture for this puzzle is themed around wine making, and has a wonderful vintage feel to it. I thought like other Ravensburger puzzles that Glorious Vintage would be a nice relaxing easy to finish puzzle, however I found this one suitably challenging. There are a lot of similar colours in this puzzle, and unlike the cottage series of puzzles, has taken more concentration. I love the addition of all the little details in this illustration and Glorious Vintage has provided me with a different style of puzzle completion.

glorious vintage ravensburger puzzle

As always I start with sorting and the edges, as I am pretty traditional in how I look at completing puzzles. Next there were one or two brighter colours that stood out. The purple of the lavender fields and the two main monochrome posters. But once these were complete it was simply a case of taking each individual piece and finding its home on the picture. At one point I thought I was ready to give up, but I stuck with the mass of reds and greens and soon found a pattern to the pieces. This puzzle is one that I think is suited to filling in a little at a time, rather than completing big blocks in one sitting.

ravensburger glorious vintage

I think that Glorious Vintage is the puzzle that has taken me the longest to complete at around 8-10 hours, but the satisfaction when done has been much more than others that I have found easier. This is the first puzzle by Aimee Stewart that I have tried and I would certainly consider other puzzles by this artist. The fine detail in the illustration are beautiful and I love the magical and vintage feel to this picture. Glorious Vintage almost has a fairy feel to it, and is even more stunning when the puzzle is complete as the details and colours stand out even more.

ravensburger glorious vintage puzzle

Below is my affiliate link if you want to buy this Glorious Vintage puzzle, or have a look on the Ravensburger website for more of Aimee Stewart’s work.


Disclaimer, I was sent this puzzle for the purpose of review, the opinions remain my own and have not been altered.

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