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The sun has been shining and this has been making me feel like I need to get back into the garden. Dad M has mown the lawn and the daffodils are greeting me with their cheery faces. Over the half term I managed to get out with the boy and start some of our vegetable growing preparation.

We were sent a fantastic set of garden tools for the boy to use by Bigjigs who are the UK distributers of the Twigz brand. These are proper gardening tools and not toys, so we set about seeing if they were up to the job. We were sent a shovel, hoe, rake, broom and soil rake and each of these has an RRP of £8.99 which I think is about the right price for tools of this quality. We were also sent some gardening gloves which have a RRP of £3.49 these are great value and fit much better than others the boy has tried.


First we needed to lightly dig over the vegetable bed ready for our garlic, onions and a rhubarb crown which I had bough earlier in the month. Now it is a little late to plant garlic, I know it grows better if it has a frost, but having had good success in the past I thought it worth a try. The boy used the shovel to dig out the odd winter weed before using the soil rake to level off the surface.

The Twigz range of tools are perfectly sized for the boy, so I was in no danger of long handles being wheeled around like I am when he uses my tools. They have nice smooth wooden handles, and brightly painted working ends which wiped clean easily after use. They seem very robust and certainly did the job they are intended for, although the shovel does have the shape of one you use for sand castles rather than a veg patch!


It didn’t take us long to prepare our vegetable bed and start to lay out our vegetables for planting. The boy loved separating the garlic into individual cloves. The onion sets were easy and I left him to plant them neatly a few cm’s apart. The boy really enjoyed being in charge and having the tools to do the job made my life much easier, I could go off and use mine knowing he wouldn’t come looking to borrow them. We found we had too many onion sets so the boy ran off to share them with our neighbour. I could hear him excitedly telling her all about his new tools and what he had been planting.

We are all looking forward to the summer now, and hopefully I will be able to keep the boys enthusiasm alive and we might get to eat some of our produce in the coming months too.

For more information on the Twigz brand they have Facebook and Twitter pages and you can also buy directly from the Bigjigs website HERE.

Twigz believe the more children understand about plants the greater their understanding will be of the environment they live in and will one day be looking after.


and I couldn’t agree more!

Disclaimer we were sent a selection of Twigz tools to review and keep the opinions remain our own and have not been changed.

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