Fun with Plasticine

We have been having fun with Plasticine, and have enjoyed making some great creations which we can mould and keep without drying out! I can remember when Plasticine was something my Nan bought me for Christmas and came in shades of grey, brown, and green. So I was interested to see what modern Plasticine had to offer and how it has changed.


The consistency of Plasticine is the same as I remember, it is cold and hard but once warmed up is easy to mould and shape however you want it. The boy and I were excited to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that you can make from Plasticine called Squidgems. These mini packs come with enough to make and create your own turtle. Each pocket money pack contains card cutouts and enough Plasticine in green and brown for your model. You simple shape, add faces, and weapons and you have a great little fun character. There are of course four to collect, and these would be great to make you own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle battle scene. We found the Turtles great fun to make and easy enough for the boy to be happy with his Leonardo figure. proving Plasticine is not just for younger children.

fun with plasticine

Plasticine comes in many colours and we were sent Fluro, which are fun neon colours great for silly monsters. Basix, with 6 basic colours for fun mixing and play. Plasticine also comes as 24 colour packs, and the boy thought this would be perfect with so many colours for making a fun Minecraft scene. Many of the packs come with small plastic tools to aid the modelling process, handy if you don’t want the kids to use the cutlery.

My favourite pack has to be the animal creations, this pack comes with a plastic stencil like shape that you can mould your Plasticine into, to create a fun animal. There is 12 different coloured sticks of Plasticine, so you can go wild and make crazy coloured animals if you like. Our reindeer was easy to make, and looked very effective when finished, and a little overlapping f colours gave his some character.

plasticine reindeer

Plasticine, is fun safe, and best of all I didn’t have to pick little crumbly bits out of the carpet afterwards, like I have done with some modelling clays. If you are looking for something for the school holidays for kids, then Plasticine might be the answer with something for every pocket and sets starting at £1.49 for the Turtle Squidgems, up to FunTubulous buckets at £6.99. I can see the boy using Plasticine again for some fun creative play, and even school projects.

Disclaimer: we were sent a selection of Plasticine to review and keep the opinions remain ours and have not been altered.

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