Fiskars Cuts & More Multi-tool Scissors

Fiskars Cuts & More Multi-tool scissors are more than just a normal pair of scissors they are a great and very handy all in one tool, with 7 different cutting features they can take on a host of different jobs. These right handed scissors have the orange ergonomic handles that all Fiskars scissors have, but with the blade cover they include: wire cutting, twine cutting, power notch for light rope, pointed blade tip, tape cutter, scissor sharpener and a bottle opener.

Known for innovation and design, it’s the Fiskars Classic orange-handled scissors, selling over one billion pairs worldwide, that turned Fiskars into an internationally recognised and renowned brand. From the very first nails, hoes and knives made in 1649, to launching the world’s first plastic handled scissors in 1967, and producing gardening tools in 1985 Fiskars continue to design and innovate to this day.


I have found that keeping the Fiskars multi tool in my gardening kit has been invaluable and the perfect solution to having to nip back into the house for my kitchen scissors. The protective blade sheath keeps them safe and dry, while the tape cutter is great for opening compost bags without having to take the sheath off. I like to use twine for my roses and wire for my climbing plants the Fiskars Multi tool can cope easily with both and didn’t have a problem cutting slightly thicker wire for my trellis. The scissor blades have a titanium nitride blade coating which says its 3x harder than steel so I expect the blades will last very well in the hard environment of the garden. They certainly have shown no signs of wear so far,if they do the built in sharpener will bring them back to life easily.

Just like the other Fiskers tools I have tried these are great quality with a RRP of £15.99 they are not cheep, but I know these will outlast all the scissors I have previously purchased. Fiskars also offer more gardening tools, I had no idea of the range on offer, including axes, something Dad M has a thing for!

If you would like to try the Fiskars cuts and more tool for yourself then there are many retailers who stock the Fiskars range including Hobbycraft, The Range, as well as online retailers. You also have the chance to win a pair of Fiskars Cuts & More Multi-tool scissors then here is your chance simply fill in the rafflecopter below.

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  1. BBQing- seriously I hate gardening! My father in law does ours so I would love to win these for him 🙂 x

  2. I love doing pot plants with the kids, were terrible at it the only thing we have successfully grown are sunflowers

  3. Like sunbathing and organising the BBQ. Hate gardening and get my partner to do it as he enjoys doing as relaxing 🙂

  4. Watching the veggies grow – very exciting! Then harvesting, cooking and eating them – yum!

  5. I love mowing the lawn.It is great to look back when it’s all done as the garden looks so neat and tidy.

  6. I like cutting the grass, because it’s not particularly laborious, and the smell of freshly cut grass does something to me.

  7. I like cleaning the pond- not so much cleaning but the look of it once the job is done- I can almost see fish being happier 🙂

  8. I enjoy planting summer bedding because my garden always looks to pretty afterwards & it’s a joy to sit out in the sunshine admiring my flowers & watching the children play 🙂

  9. harvesting the fruit from the blackcurrant bush with my toddler. She loves it & that makes me happy.

  10. it has got to be weeding because you can louse yourself in you thoughts and become one with nature

  11. I love sowing seeds , potting them up as they grow and finally having the pleasure of seeing and smelling them in baskets and tubs in the summer. Real job satisfaction!

  12. I like trimming away all the dead leaves and stems during the winter. Cutting plants right back means they have more oomph to grow in the spring!

  13. I really like gardening. I think my favourite job is transferring seedlings from their trays to the veg bed – that’s always a sign that summer is nearly here.

  14. planting the tomatoes because the rewards are fantastic when I’m eating them later in the year!

  15. I’ve just asked my partner, and she says, I do it because I have to, I don’t have any favourite jobs. Oh dear! I used to do most of it, but MS doesn’t let me now. So any tools that would make her life easier would be great.

  16. Love the smell of the cut grass and the satisfaction that the work has been done for at least a few days

  17. Watching my husband hard at work – plants seem to curl up and die when I touch them for some reason…

  18. My favourite job to do is reading a book. Seriously – I have “brown fingers”, every plant I touch dies, and my husband is a serious gardener so all I’m ever allowed to do is VERY carefully pick any herbs I need for cooking. If I’m lucky enough to win this, it will be a present for him.

  19. Weeding in the sunshine when the family aren’t around, as it means I’m getting some peace and quiet to myself!

  20. Collecting pine cones at christmas – to spray paint and decorate the house! 🙂 I love it!


  22. i love digging up the soil and planting seeds in the spring, it’s like life beginning all over again.
    catherine recently posted…RosaceaMy Profile

  23. Love sorting my big pots for the summer after I’ve swept and cleaned the patio and stairs. Everything looks instantly better.

  24. planting something new and watching it bloom, my dad bought be a rhododendron and me and my son planted it together

  25. I like picking my tomatoes in the summer. I have them in hanging baskets around the house and they look good and taste good. Bought tomatoes aren’t a patch on home grown!

  26. Love watching my herbs grow from seedlings and then get immense pleasure from being able to cook with them later in the year

  27. Making my gardener a coffee – I hate gardening, but do make the effort to weed and cut back plants

  28. Planting my beans and tomatoes, a lovely sense of achievement that I have grown something from seed.

  29. growing my own veg, nothing beats the feeling of going into the garden and picking stuff for dinner!

  30. Project managing the current landscaping work (i.e ordering my husband around while he does all the grunt work loool)

  31. my husband would love to have a full weekend ,makeing the garden its best again .after all the rain we have had its taken a bashing.

  32. My garden is in serious need of some love and attention. I hate mowing the lawn, but I do rather enjoy pruning the trees and shrubs – except the berberis and pyracantha, which always manage to cover me in scratches, even when I’m wearing thick gloves.

  33. Filling in any gaps in the borders with new plants. Even more satisfying if I have raised the plants from seed.

  34. I love planting seeds for the flowers that will bloom, making my garden an array of gorgeous colours and smells.

  35. I enjoy planting vegetable seeds and then harvesting them to add to recipes. It’s really satisfying.

  36. I need these to trim the hedge and borders. Fave job is grass mowing :). Love spring and summer!

  37. i love planting seeds and having the satisfaction when they grow of knowing that i grew them myself

  38. I like mowing the lawn. I love the difference it makes to the garden and I always try to get those lovely stripes!

  39. I love planting bulbs in the autumn because I can get the girls helping me push the bulbs into the ground. Then when the spring flowers bloom I remind them that they planted these bulbs and they get very excited!

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