Excavation Gems from Science4you – review

Excavation Gems from Science4you is a great place to start in the world of geology for children aged 5+ and RRP £9.99.

The boy has really started to get into experiments since he started cubs. He loves exploring and asking questions so I am always on the look out for interesting kits. I know there are lots of places on the internet where you can look at ideas for experiments safe to do at home. I’m not the most experimental person when it comes to that sort of thing so these kits are perfect as you have everything you need in one little box.


The boy was sent a Excavation Gem kit, and as he does love collecting all sorts of things this was a perfect choice for him to find out more about geology. Each Science4You kit comes with a booklet. I was pleased this had a great mix of both information on each of the gems in the kit, as well as detailed explanations of how rocks and crystals are formed. We enjoyed reading about the stones and minerals and how to tell the difference between different gems before the boy started to dig for gems himself.

The Excavation Gems kit contains: a 24 page booklet, small wooden chisel, brush and a plaster block with 5 hidden gems. The best part about this science4you kit as far as the boy was concerned was that his block might just have a piece of Obsidian (this will mean a lot to Minecraft fans, and nothing to me!)

science4you gem excavation

The boy set about scraping his way into the plaster, and it wasn’t long before he found his first gem. They were evenly hidden and it took a good while to carefully remove the first one from the plaster. The boy was excited to use the book as a guide to work out which of the 25 possible gems was the one he had discovered. The gems are a good size and some are polished so make a nice addition to his rock collection.

The boy was soon onto his next gem, and as the plaster block is relatively soft it did not take long for him to find it. Spurred on by the hope his block would contain Obsidian he made short work of the first 4 gems. Number five and to his surprise he hit gold! (would have been good if it was real) no not fools gold but Obsidian! The boy was so excited that he had found a piece of what I thought was a fictional rock that everyone has had to have a look at what is now his pride and joy.

science4you excavation gems

This science4you kit was great value and would make a perfect stocking filler of Birthday gift for a friend. With each of the Excavation Gems kits from Science4you having different contents you could try to collect them all. For more information or to see what other science kits are available have a look at the Science4you website here. We excited now to try out our wind powered generator kit, look out for our review soon.

Disclaimer, we were sent this Science4you kit to review the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

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