Epic, a wet half term day family film

Today turned out to be very wet, not like the weather at the weekend which had made us feel like summer was here. So there was only one thing to do, go to the cinema. The boy had told me that Epic looked like a good film, and I had seem a trailer somewhere and thought it looked worth a full price ticket (we usually only go on a Saturday to kids £1 cinema) So I booked online with my local Cineworld. This is so easy to do, and you even get 10% discount, plus when you arrive you know you will get in and you don’t have to stand in the queue to collect tickets. We arrived grabbed our tickets and went to find seats. I find it difficult to watch the 3D films for long, and don’t want to strain the boys eyes so had booked the 2D version of the film. It was very busy I guess in part because it was wet weather.

The film is set deep in a forest, and has a second family story running through it. If you like Lord of the Rings and fairy’s then this is the story for you. The footage although animated could be real, and I would imagine is very impressive in 3D with lots of great action and thrilling overhead shots. Epic is from the makers of ICE AGE and RIO, and you can tell this from the style of some of the animated characters. You have a hero Nod and a heroine M.T. Two comedy stars in the form of a slug and a snail called Mub and Grub, along with the baddie Mandrake. The film was great from start to finish, and I didn’t hear a noise out of the boy. It is a great length as well not too long that the kids lose interest, or that you have to make a trip to the loo halfway through. The boy said it was good, I think it had enough action and fighting in it. Daddy thought it was good, and I liked the nice amount of humour that ran through it. There is love, passion, loss and danger so be prepared. I will say that like all good fairy stories it has a happy ending, and was truly and Epic way to spend a rainy half term holiday!

We give Epic 5/5

I will just add that the lady next to me had a small daughter who was terrified for most of the last half of the film as there are lots of battles, and I was surprised to find out after that this is rated U. I think if you have a child that can be a bit spooked by battle scenes then maybe wait for DVD, but boys will find it EPIC!

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