Disney Pictopia – Review

Disney Pictopia is a fun family game with many awards to its name and we were excited to find out if this game would be as fun as it looked from the box. Available now RRP £29.99 for ages 7+ and 2-6 players.

disney pictopia

Disney Pictopia is a picture based question game, but unlike other board games where you play as an individual the great part of this game is that you answer a lot of the questions as groups. This makes Disney Pictopia a great all ages family game. The box contains: 6 mickey counters, 6 sets of wager coins, a dice, Mickey answer dial, board, rules and 1,000 picture question cards.

We found the rules and game play very easy to learn, and the game played well in our little family of 3, as well with more people as we tested this game on granny too! Each player starts choosing a coloured mickey playing token, 5 wager coins, and the answer dial. cards are shuffled and placed picture face up and you are ready to go. The person with the next Birthday starts as the question master. they throw the dice and move their token this number down the board. The square they land on will show which question from the card will be asked. If the question master lands on gold silver or bronze, then the other players will answer as a team. the solo pick spot and spotlight squares you will need your mickey answer dial.

disney pictopia board

Before the question is read out you place a wager coin on the board depending on how confident you are that you will get the answer. These are placed face down on the bottom of the board, and then the question is read out. Depending on the square as to how many answers you have to give, and we loved the fun spotlight rounds. These are questions where you have to match the question masters answer using your mickey answer dial. If answered correctly each player moves the same number of spaces as they wagered. These tokens are then put to one side and play continues with the player on the left becoming the next question master.

On first glance I thought Disney Pictopia might be a little tricky for the boy as he has seen lots of Disney films but maybe not as many as I have in my lifetime. I needn’t have worried as I had the tables turned on me when it came to the newer films and Disney characters. The questions cover lots of the Disney TV shows as well as films so there are some I had never seen before. The questions are sometimes challenging, but we found others which looked hard could be worked out with a little thought They are not always the question you think will be with the picture either so this will keep you on your toes!

disney pictopia game

We have loved Disney Pictopia ( I knew we would) and I think for any Disney loving family this is a must have board game. Games are fun, inclusive of all ages, and get you talking about your favourite characters, or even why you chose Merida to guide you through the forest. I would say our only disappointment is that we cant understand how Dad has managed to win at every game we have played? I think maybe he is a secretly watched more Disney films than we have? The quality of Disney Pictopia means that it will last as a family game, and there are additional rounds and content via the free app.

If Disney is not your family thing, then keep your eyes peeled as the Star Wars version is due out later in the year. I was lucky to have a go of the prototype at the London Toy Fair, and it looks like a winner especially as you can play as Yoda, but beware the questions looked super tricky.

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Disney Pictopia

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  1. I would love to have tea with Snow White as I would love to hear more about the seven dwarves and their different characters.

  2. It’d have to be the Mad Hatter
    As he says “It’s always tea time”
    He’s intuitive, insightful & annoyingly crazy – just like me
    We’d get on really well 🙂

  3. Mickey Mouse, he has been a cartoon character for such a long time now. He is likely to have lots of tails (tales) to tell.

  4. I would love to have tea with Sleeping Beauty it would be so interesting to discuss her life in the castle and how she fell asleep only to be kissed by a prince.

  5. I would love to have tea with Minnie Mouse so that we could have a nice chat about Mickey and if he helps around the house!!!!

  6. Duchess and the kittens from the Aristocats. Duchess would be delightful, tea would be exquisite and the kittens would be hilarious

  7. I would love to have tea with Ariel as I can’t understand her fascination with people and legs! I would love to be a mermaid and live freely in the sea with nature!

  8. Pocahontas as she is different to the Disney princesses and really existed so would have lots of interesting things to say.

  9. I’d love to be Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. I’d love to be able to grant people’s wishes with a wave of my wand. 🙂

  10. I’d love tea with Elsa as i’d love for her to make it snow so we could build a snowman!

  11. Mine would be Snow White. Id like to know how she could live with 7 men and still remain so upbeat and pleasant x

  12. I would have tea with Belle from Beauty and the beast. She was always my favourite Disney character when I was a little girl.

  13. Snow White,She comes over as such a charming lovely person,And what fun it would be to be waited on by the Seven Dwarves lol’

  14. I would love to have tea with Ariel and so would the children. I think they would enjoy asking her how to swim with her fin.

  15. It would have to be hiro Hamada, he is very clever and I would love him to teach me how to build a robot!

  16. Would have to be belle from beauty and the beast as it’s my favorite Disney film and love how she loves books

  17. I would like to have tea with all of the Seven Dwarves – its not far to just choose one of them and it would be a great fun

  18. Belle from beauty and the beast as she loves books like me and loves people for who they are not how they look which is a quality everyone should have

  19. I would choose Baymax because he is so cuddly and fun to me. I feel like he would make me laugh.

  20. I would have teas with Dopey. He is my favourite character. He’s funny, cute and never fails to make me smile.

  21. Belle! I would love to know how she keeps her hair so gorgeous! If she will give me her dress and if the Beast has a brother lol

  22. Ii would have tea with snow white, i adore her dress and hair and would love to ask her how she copes with living with 7 men 😉

  23. I’d love tea with Cinderella, I’d love the gossip about the ugly sisters and snatched moments with Prince Charming

  24. Probably Buzz Light year. I could make him pretend he’s Mrs Nesbitt again like the 1st film. We could have a tea party lol

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