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Have you always wanted to design a Superhero, well here is your chance. This isn’t just any superhero though as McAfee have partnered with Bletchley Park home of the famous Enigma code breakers to design a superhero worthy of defeating modern cyber crime.

Bletchley Park has undergone a complete restoration thanks to £8 million pound Lottery funding, to include new interactive exhibits visitors center, café and shop. It is hoped that the new site will encourage 250,000 visitors a year to visit the site and learn more about the important role that the codebreakers had in WW2.


McAfee and Bletchley Park aim to help people of all ages understand how the WW2 code breakers can help to protect us today from modern cyber crime, and they need a mascot. This is where children aged 8-11 come in, as they have been invited to think either as a class or individuals, what powers a cyber fighting hero might need? They are looking for creativity and fun, as well as including ways to defeat the threats children currently face online.

The all important prize will see the winning entry brought to life as the new website mascot at Bletchley Park. Along with the chance for your whole class to be one of the first to try out the new code breakers visitors centre, when it opens later in the year. Winners will also receive McAfee safety software for their whole school as well as superhero capes for everyone!

bletchley Park codebreakers

McAfee aim to educate children and parents in the best way on how to stay safe online, and I know as a parent that this becomes more difficult to police, as your child gets older and more independent. I am excited to see what the boy would make his Cyber superhero look like, and how he would defeat the evil cyber bullies!

Why not have a think over the bank holiday weekend and ask your kids what important qualities they might include.To enter have a look at the Bletchley Park competition page, deadlines for entry has been extended to 20th June 2014, and you can find the full T&C’s here.

Disclaimer this is a collaboration post to help promote this competition.

Photos courtesy of the Bletchley Park website.

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  1. Shame I’m not between 8 and 11 – I would love to visit Bletchley Park having just read Robert Harris’s book Enigma!!

    1. You can come with us, you don’t have to be 8-11 to visit, maybe you could give us some inspiration for our entry!

    1. I didn’t know much about it until I started looking, I think we might put Bletchley park on our places to visit in the summer list.

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