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This weekend we have been playing Catch Phrase TV Board Game from Drumond Park. Catch Phrase is a game I remember watching as a child with my Nan, and still remember the “Say What You See” catch phrase of its own. Now that the TV show has returned with Stephen Mulhern at the helm, Drumond Park have made the return of the board game. Complete with Mr Chips and all new catch phrases, the boy was keen to try it out. The boy hasn’t watched the programme, but he understood the concept and decided he would like to be the game host.

Catch Phrase is suitable for 2-4 players aged 8+, we did try playing with two people and found it a bit difficult as one of you has to be the host. We think Catch Phrase is much better if played with three or more, and if you have a large family you could adapt it to play in teams especially if you have little ones. You have rounds just like in the game show with each round earing you money, and the winner being the person with the most money at the end of the game.

The game comes with 96 double-sided catch phrase cards, 15 larger bonus catch phrase cards, with a slide in holder, 48 super catch phrase cards, money, a playing board and my chips. We found some of the pieces difficult to assemble and take apart especially Mr Chips who doesn’t store back in the box once assembled, but this didn’t stop the game from being good fun. The boy enjoyed being the host of the show, and picked up the rules very quickly. The pictures were not to difficult for him to guess a few. As well as some classic words there are some cheeky new ones which I don’t think Granny would get, so this makes it fair for all ages to play together.

Catch Phrase will be a game that we get out for some of our visitors over the festive season, and as you have plenty of cards I don’t think that they will repeat too often that you would get bored if start to remember the answers. Catch Phrase is available from all good shops and has a RRP £19.99, this game doesn’t beat Logo Billionaire as the boys favourite game, so for that reason we give it a 4/5.

We still enjoyed playing Catch Phrase and if you would like to have a chance to try this game then why not enter our giveaway.

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Disclaimer: we were sent a copy of Catch Phrase TV board game to review and keep the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

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  1. Saw one today on the repeat show with Stephen Mulhern – A rose between two thorns, or in the guys case… a thorn between two roses!

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