Big Hero 6 Puzzle – Review

Big Hero 6 is the latest Disney movie, and is due to be released this Friday 30th January. Ravensburger have released some great new puzzles to coincide with the launch of this action packed film, and the boy was excited to see if he was up for a little jigsaw challenge of his own. There are two new Big Hero 6 puzzles from Ravensburger and we were sent the Big Hero 6 XXL 100 puzzle, RRP £7.99 for ages 6+. The boy was convinced he could do this puzzle with his eyes shut (it’s a boy thing)

big hero 6 puzzleWhen the boy first completed the Big Hero 6 puzzle we had no idea of the story from the film. Now that we have seen it the puzzle picture makes much more sense.  Like all Ravensburger puzzles the picture is bright and clear, and the Big Hero 6 puzzle is action packed too. The picture features all the hero’s from the film in their special super hero suits and includes the lovable Baymax character.

big hero 6

The puzzle proved to be enough of a challenge, but without loosing interest for the boy and he completed the puzzle in about 20 minutes. I love the grading of the pieces, which allows you to choose a puzzle that will suit your child’s age or abilities. Its been a long time since the boy sat down and did a puzzle, but he was very patient and actually enjoyed this quiet time. The pieces for this puzzle are XXL, and I think are a great way to encourage hand-eye coordination as well as visualising the pieces and where they might fit. I can see that this Big Hero 6 puzzle will be a popular puzzle, and certainly one that the boy has enjoyed and even gone back to. I can thoroughly recommend Big Hero 6 as a great family film, and this puzzle is a perfect gift for a Big Hero 6 fan.


Disclaimer we were sent this puzzle to review, the words remain our own and have not been altered.

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