Big Ben Silhouette puzzle from Ravensburger – Review

The Big Ben Silhouette puzzle from Ravensburger is new and part of a different style of shaped puzzle. with 1,155 pieces and measuring approx. 78cm x 101cm I would say this puzzle would be suited to age 10 and over RRP £14.99.

big ben silhouette

The Big Ben silhouette puzzle looked very different and I was excited to get started, sorting the pieces proved tricky as they have rounded edges, and this confused the boy when he came to help out. The next part of construction is usually to assemble the outside, this proved more tricky as not all the outside pieces join. It was at this point that I also discovered the unique specially shaped cut outs of London, the box hints that there is a big ben, but infact there are 3 hidden shapes with in the picture of this puzzle.

big ben

I found this puzzle compelling and finished it in about 4/5 hours there are lots to keep your interest, and the bright colours are very eye catching. I used to love round puzzles when I was little and this took me back to the days when I would sit in my room finishing my fairy jigsaws. The puzzle contains all the landmarks that you would expect to find in London, from busses to tower bridge, and the quality of the image is great too.

big ben silhouette puzzle

I loved every minute of this jigsaw, and will be adding the dolphin to my Christmas list. The pieces are up to the usual Ravensburger standard and the addition of the three specially shaped mini puzzles certainly made me smile. The boy decided he wanted to complete the puzzle by adding these and was pleased that he had been able to help.

Click below for my affiliate link to the Big Ben silhouette puzzle or visit the Ravensburger website to see the other city’s and shapes in the range. There is even a Darth Vader one for the boys!

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