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The Best Of British board game from Drumond Park (RRP £24.99), celebrates everything that makes this island what it is! This game is played with teams or individual players (2-6) and is suitable for ages 12+, although if you are playing as a team you can play with younger players, who I think will enjoy some of the fun questions.

The Best of British box contains a round playing board, 400 question cards, rules and 6 playing pieces. The game follows the same style of play as the other LOGO board games, so if you have played them The Best Of British will need no explaining.

best of british

We like to play The Best of British board game as teams so here is how you set up. Each of the two teams chooses a playing piece and places on the start square of the board. You then choose a question master for the first team, and they pick a card from the box. Starting with the top question on the card (red question) they read out to the other team. If they answer correctly they move their playing piece to that colour space on the board. If they answer incorrectly or pass then the question can be asked to the question masters team. If they can answer correctly then they can move their piece to the questions coloured space.

There are three types of question card, picture, theme and pot luck. Sometimes there is a picture or word clue on the back of the card and this side can be shown to the players. Play continues with each team taking it in turns to ask the questions from each card. Play continues until one of the teams reach the winning zone, where a bonus question must be answered before the team can be declared the winners.

best of british board game

The Best of British is a great game that we have enjoyed playing. The boy likes to be question master and this has improved his reading skills with some new words that he hadn’t come across before. There are some historical and difficult questions but we found there are also some very funny and random questions. Like what is the average weight of an average British snowman? The Best of British board game will be something that I think families can enjoy over a BBQ with friends and family, or if like us you plan to go away this summer it will be fun to take with us for that unexpected wet day!

We had great fun playing this game, and also just testing each other on our British knowledge, we loved the addition of the Olympic questions as the boy could answer some of these. If you would like to try out this fun British board game then have a look below at my giveaway.

The Best of British

Disclaimer we were sent a copy of this board game to review the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.


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  1. I’m so proud to be British. I think that we have a lovely country that is free from many worldwide hazards. I love having the Royal family and I am proud of our heritage and traditional cultures.

  2. Traditional British food like English Breakfast, Sunday Dinner and Fish and Chips. No other country makes this sort of food like Britain 🙂

  3. Traditional British food! like Fish & Chips, English Fry up! And Tea of course! and love the fact we have the Royal Family 🙂

  4. My British thoughts are quite food orientated 🙂 Afternoon tea, A yummy sunday roast with yorkshire puds and of course fish and chips! x

  5. Dealing with rubbish weather 90% of the times, queuing, complaining, a nice cup of tea and having great history x

  6. Being British to me means embracing all cultures and standing up for what you believe in x

  7. Being British means I embrace the world, and that I belong to a bloodthirsty heritage of war. Is it any different, though, in real terms, to being any other nationality? I always assumed I was human first and not seperate from anyone else on this planet!

  8. Being British means waiting in queues, moaning about the weather and having a good old British cup of tea!

  9. Cups of tea, our dry sense of humour, saying sorry when there is no need, queuing up, enjoying a drink or 10 😉 I love being British, I think we are a funny, interesting, diverse and eccentric lot!

  10. Being British means always being able to talk to complete strangers about the weather; always forming an orderly queue; always getting stuck on the motorway on Bank Holiday Mondays; eating fish and chips in gale force winds while looking over the ocean; Wearing paper hats on Christmas Day. I am proud to be British.

  11. Striking up conversations with anyone, mostly about the weather. The ability to queue. Complaining about everything. A sense of pride. A sense of belonging!

  12. It means I’m a mongrel – my family tree has at least 6 nationalities. So I’m truly British

  13. High Taxes, a dictatorship like government, understaffed work places, low pay jobs, divisions between the rich and poor, excessive rules covering everything you do or say, a stress filled unhappy life in a country that is viewed by many countries as a land of hooligans and trouble makers who find getting drunk is a must when you visit anywhere

  14. I love being British. Fantastic country, our own Royal family and acceptance of other races and religions. I am proud to be British

  15. Enjoying a good cup of tea, moaning about the weather and being able to pass through the UK Border sign without being stopped!

  16. Being proud of our countries which make up Britain, grateful for our culture, and the only place in the world you can enjoy a decent fish supper and mackies ice cream 🙂

  17. Green fields & great scenery.Stiff upper lip on occasions,Fish & chips & Sunday roasts.Pulling together when things get tough.And what would we talk or moan about if we had’nt got such changeable weather.The seasons & all seasons in one day.This what being British means to me, a joining of great people.

  18. Being tolerant and accepting of all faith and cultures. Unfortunately many people do not fit this definition!

  19. Being British to me means having a connection to and pride for the United Kingdom. Since I’m a naturalised citizen, I can’t unfortunately mention shared history or culture (beyond what’s similar between the US and UK). But that also means that, for me, being British is a choice.

  20. It means, Ladies & gents, Heritage, Battle of Britain, Amazing History, Anarchy, Knights, My Roots, Earl Grey, Fish & Chips and so much more.

  21. tea, fish and chips and of course moaning about the weather regardless if it hot or cold! but the best is sunday roast. hmm

  22. Afternoon tea, Yorkshire puddings as a starter, main and pudding, queuing, handbag umbrellas, the Queen and …..

  23. Being proud of our heritage and Royal Family. We may moan but we are a lot better off than many other countries

  24. Talking about the weather! Being polite, taking pride in our history and culture. Apologising frequently! The Royal Family, fish and chips and rain lol

  25. Being British means expecting it to rain in summer and not complaining when it does; thinking you’ll have to queue in the bank or supermarket and being surprised when you don’t have to and it’s also about choosing to do the right thing by your family, community and country and not boasting about it.

  26. I love the weather, if you don’t like it wait 5 minutes it will change!!! I love the people, so polite and friendly, I love the green countryside, I love the towns, the stunning old buildings and everything about Britain, would never want to live anywhere else!

  27. I love that we have a Royal Family and all the pomp and ceremony like changing of the guard and also love the architecture in our major cities

  28. Being able to take to anyone about the weather. Saying ‘sorry’ when somebody bumps in to YOU. Being lucky to live in a country with such great health care.

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