Barbecue Party – review

Barbecue Party is a fun family game from Drumond Park for ages 4+ RRP £19.99 and has had us all giggling with its easy to learn gameplay.

Barbecue party has already won a few family awards. We found it quick and fun set up with the addition of googly eyes to the food and we were ready to BBQ! Barbecue Party is a great balancing game, for 2-4 players. The winner is the first person to successfully cook and rescue 3 food items from the grill( 4 for adults). The winner will be crowned master chef! The box contains, the Barbecue party grill base and doesn’t need battery’s. A grill plate, 16 assorted foods, a pair of tongs and 17 cards.

barbecue party

Set up of the grill is simple with a switch to the side of the red barbecue, place the grill on top and you are ready to play. Play starts with the youngest, and you take it in turns to take a card and place that item of food on the barbecue. If your card matches a food already grilling on the barbecue then you get to take it off. Remove it without upsetting the grill and you get to keep it with the card. Send the food flying and it will all be returned to the middle and you start again. There is one joker card allowing you to remove any item from the grill.

barbecue party game

We found this game very simple and fun, and think it will be perfect fun for ages 4+ although we agreed that maybe it was a bit too easy for the boy. Granny enjoyed the game, and loved the silly faces on the food. We certainly had lots of giggles adding eyes to the food, even if this was only for setting up the game for the first time. It certainly put a smile on our faces, and I can imagine the giggles it would cause from younger children playing this game. I love that it didn’t need batteries, so the barbecue will be ready to go whenever you fancy a party!

Barbecue party drumond park

If you would like the chance to win your own Barbecue Party game from Drumond Park, then enter my Gleam app below, and lets keep our fingers crossed we can have some proper barbecue weather this summer.

Barbecue Party

Disclaimer: we were sent this game to review the words remain our own and have not been altered

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  1. Me and my children like to make up our own kebabs – my favourite are chicken a vegetables (red and yellow peppers, tomatoes and red onion!)

  2. We all love Sardines cooked in the BBQ – mind the bones though – you can never get them all out when fillteting

  3. my other half is amazing at pulled pork, it went down really well at our last bbq, i also make a mean potato salad.

  4. Chicken and sweet pepper skewers. Although ANYTHING tastes better when cooked over charcoal, in the sunshine with friends 🙂

  5. Oh I love BBQ’S My favourite food is my mums chicken fillets marinated in a tomato and chili sauce! Really nice

  6. I love BBQ chicken. Though, when I’m visiting my family, my brother makes the best homemade burgers.

  7. We love home made burgers with fried onions and tomato relish, with a side of grilled corn on the cob and vegatable kebabs.

  8. Chicken Skewers …… pieces of chicken, peppers, onions, tomatoes and either BBQ sauce or sweet chilli sauce

  9. bbq chocolate bananas – put a split in the skin and squish in chunks of chocolate (we like to use slices of mars bar). wrap tightly in tinfoil and bbq. The hot banana chocolate combination tastes amazing

  10. We really enjoy jacket potatoes wrapped in tinfoil and cooked in the embers. Serving with a piece of parsley butter or garlic butter is perfect.

  11. I love chicken marinated in cajun spices the bbq grilled with some lovely crusty bread and salad

  12. Beer steamed chicken – Get a small chicken, “insert” an open can of beer & cook over BBQ for a couple of hours – finish off in oven if required – Flesh is lovely and sweet from the beer!

  13. We make our own mini burgers and my husband makes a special paprika, garlic salt, Cumin, kayak pepper, salt, ground black pepper and muscovado sugar seasoning they are delish xxx

  14. I like to marinate some chicken in sweet chilli sauce, so when it’s time to make up the kebabs they are delicious and have a slight kick

  15. we love simple home made burgers just mince seasoning then shape and we put cheese in the middle of ours and cook 🙂

  16. My Chilli Cheese burgers and homemade potato salad….I only get invited for my food 😉 hehe

  17. Bannanas , peaches , strawberries , raseberries brandy all wrapped in foil and baked on the barbie , serve with toffee icecream yummy

  18. Not a recipe as such, but we love to make our own kebabs with chicken pieces and different veg, like peppers, mushrooms and courgettes 🙂

  19. We love to BBQ. Being brought up in South Africa it was an every weekend event. My favourite BBQ recipe is ‘Braai potatos’. This is where you cover whole potatos in foil and put them in the hot coals. Once done melt butter and a spice called Aromat on . It is the

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