Articulate: ar·tic·u·late [adj., n. ahr-tik-yuh-lit; v. ahr-tik-yuh-leyt] Show IPA

adjective, uttered clearly in distinct syllables. Capable of speech; not speechless. Using language easily and fluently; having facility with words: an articulate speaker.

Board games are a great way to encourage children to read without them realizing they are learning. Articulate from Drumond Park is a fun word game which will encourage reading and language. For 4-20+ players who play in teams, recommended age 12+ this game has been around for over 20 years and still tops the Adult board game charts.

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We first came across this game last Christmas at a friend’s house, and although the boy was only 7 then and their youngest was 6 they both still enjoyed getting involved and playing this fast paced word game.

The box contains, rules, playing board, spinner, timer, 4 cone-shaped counters and 500 question cards. The rules are simple which makes game play easy to learn, travel from start to finish on the board by describing and guessing words from your category, from the question cards. Guess as many right as you can before the timer runs out and advance round the board to win.

Simplz! well not quite, you can’t use part of the word from the card, or say sounds like. Giving hints and clues on how long short a word is and no miming! This game really is a skill of quick descriptions. With an added element of spinning the centre spinner when you land on an extended space, you can move forward or even move an opposing team backwards!

I know when we play this game it gets heated, and any extra rules need to be decided at the start. The boy loves all word games and this is no exception, I know he is only 8 but we have adapted to allow him extra time to read the cards and return words he doesn’t know, but only after we have told him what they mean. We have enjoyed playing this game, and will be challenging Bingo Granny to a game this Sunday.

Articulate is available in High Street stores, as well as online for RRP £32.99, with extra card packs (RRP £19.99) and Articulate your Life (RRP £32.99) the family keeps growing. There is also a version for the youngsters, Articulate for Kids is available for RRP  £19.99 and can be played as a stand alone or alongside the adult version. If you would like to have a chance to win a copy of Articulate, and see how good you are at describing for yourself, then enter the rafflecopter below.

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  1. I would love to play this with my friends and family. We had such a laugh with board games over Christmas so this would be a great addition!

  2. Sorry! – and I hated it. You worked hard to get round the board, and someone apologises, then knocks you back to the start.

  3. Dingbats,i cant remember much about it but all the family got together at Christmas and it was a happy fun time. I think board games really bring people together. Some of my happiest memories are playing games with family

  4. Snakes and ladders. I remember getting really stressed out everytime i ran into that snake! LOL – happy days.

  5. Labyrinth the game was the 1st one I remember playing at our caravan in wales. Still got it now over 20 years later!

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