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Articulate for Kids is great new version of the fast talking description game especially designed for kids ages 6+ and has a RRP £19.99.

We reviewed the adult Articulate earlier in the year, and really enjoyed this fast paced timed game. The boy however did struggle to know what some of the words were so we were excited to try out Articulate for Kids and see what was different. The box contains: a playing board, box of cards (in 3 sealed packs), 4 playing pieces, timer, and rules.

articulate for kids

First of all the game play is the same as Articulate, with a minimum of two teams of two players, up to four teams. Each team picks a describer and guesser and alternate who does this. Depending on the size of your team you could choose to have one describer which may also make the game harder. As there are only three of us in the dragon household, this game is brought out for parties, or days when Granny visits. This doesnt stop the boy from practicing his descriptive talents on me, and he loves to see how many words I can guess within a length of time.

Play starts on the board, each team choosing a piece to play and starting with a light blue square word (object word). The first team pick a card and against the timer have to describe the word of the coloured square their playing piece is on. Describe as many words of that colour as you can before the timer runs out, each correct guess will move your playing piece further round the board, onto one of the different category colours. There are 6 colour categories, Object, Action, world, person, random and nature. Of course Articulate for Kids, has words which are well-known to them, but there are some great new words, and some that the boy didn’t know so this is a great game to widen his knowledge.

contents articulate for kids

Team number two now have their turn, and play continues in this way until a team land on or pass the finish square. The teams must remember they can’t use, sounds like, starts with or saying any part of the word on the card. We found these rules can be relaxed with younger members of teams but need to be agreed at the start of the game. You may have one pass each game and this can be useful when playing with younger kids, as there are a few people, and words that even the boy didn’t know.

Articulate for Kids is a great version of the classic game, and one we have enjoyed playing, whether I am being tested by the boy or playing as a family. The boy has defiantly enriched his vocabulary over the past few weeks with some interesting topics and new words. The smile on his face when he had to describe Mickey Mouse to me was a picture as he knew just what to say to get his answer!

example of articulate for kids

I can see this game will be a great addition to our Christmas collection, and with the added benefit of team play can be played with multi generation teams. I can see the grandparents having to pass on words like Nerf, and Angry Birds!

If you would like the chance to add Articulate for Kids to your Christmas games cupboard, then why not enter my gleam giveaway below or click on the link to purchase from Amazon. Find out more about the Drumond Park family of games, on their website, and Facebook pages.

Articulate for Kids

Disclaimer, we were sent this game for the purpose of review the opinions remain ours and have not been altered.

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