The Curious Cupboards No6 – Review

The Curious cupboards are a series of puzzles from illustrator Colin Thompson. The curious cupboards number 6 is available from Ravensburger RRP £12.99 for ages 10+.

I fell in love with the Colin Thompsons series of puzzles when I completed one of my first puzzle reviews of the 5,000 piece puzzle Bizarre town in 2015. The Collectors cupboard series have become a firm family favourite and a puzzle that I thoroughly enjoy completing. Quite often I have help with these puzzles from the family. The boy will pass and make a comment on how strange the pictures are, then will be completely drawn into doing a few pieces before moving on.

This puzzle was no exception and on a wet Saturday made the day a little brighter. I start by sorting the pieces in a traditional style with the edges first. The bright colours of the puzzle mean it is not difficult to complete the edges and to start sorting pieces for the rest of the puzzle. I find that I complete puzzle in two ways. Sorting a main colour or feature and working out from that. Or simply piece by piece like this one. There are so many little details in the collectors cupboard, that even on the last pieces you will spot something new and different.

Each time you complete one of Colin Thompsons illustrations you will find new additions to the bizarre collection, from the little pink people to the spooky eyes. While each puzzle can prove to be a challenge it is lovely to spot these familiar parts from past puzzles. I particularly like the little windows with shadowy figures. This puzzle seems to have the addition of cats, and clocks. It is a pleasure to complete these puzzles while still being a challenge and one my whole family enjoy, even if they say otherwise!

The Curious Cupboards No 6 puzzle is available now from amazon via my affiliate link below, or from your favourite puzzle store.

Disclaimer: I was sent this puzzle for the purpose of review, the opinion’s remain my own #review #notpaid

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  1. Use to do puzzles few years ago loved it but harder with a 4 yr old now really should try again got a lot of enjoyment from it

  2. I used to love puzzles growing up! this one looks great! I just don’t have the space in my house to do puzzles lol

  3. I love doing jigsaws to relax the more intricate the better that’s why I love jigsaws designed by Colin Thompson really gives you something to get your teeth into

  4. I love Colin Thompson jigsaw puzzles, I have a huge collection of them. My favourites are the Bizzare Bookshop collection.

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