Sedum Cottage and Puzzle Handy – Review

Sedum Cottage is number 10 in the Ravensburger series of 1,000 piece Country Cottage Collection.. Suitable for ages 10+ with RRP £11.99.  Puzzle Handy is a new foldable storage puzzle solution available for 1,000 piece or smaller puzzles RRP £9.99.


I loved the previous puzzles in the Country Cottage Collection, and the Sedum cottage didn’t disappoint. I love the bright traditional style of this illustrative puzzle. Having a dedicated puzzle board is something that I had been considering. Even with a large dining table it can be a problem moving my puzzle to make space to eat. Puzzle Handy is great as it is sturdy enough to move out-of-the-way. It stores in its own box, when folded and is the perfect puzzle surface.


The Puzzle Handy is made from the same good quality Ravensburger puzzle board. With 4 slide on edge clips which give it rigidity. I found the surface lovely to puzzle on, and the edge guides are very useful when starting. I started the Sedum Cottage puzzle with the edges and the reds and oranges which stand out from the picture. Using the dotted lines to guide me as to the finished size of the puzzle.


The birds were also easy to complete and the last parts were the roof and sky. I loved the whole Sedum Cottage puzzle, especially the flowers. While I have many of them in my cottage garden. I just wish my garden was as weed free as the illustration. The added border with the plant names makes the Country Cottage collection puzzles stand out and a joy to complete.

If you would like to buy the Sedum Cottage, or Puzzle Handy have a look at my affiliate links below.

Disclaimer I was sent this item in return for a review, the words remain my own and have not been altered.

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  1. in my old life (pre child!) the puzzle handy would have been brilliant. These days I need something which can be hermetically sealed 😀

  2. Looks so beautiful! I’ve always been tempted to try one of these puzzles, but always worry I’d be short on time. Really looks relaxing though 🙂

  3. Completely a huge puzzle just gives me such a buzz of satisfaction and Ravensburger do the best in my humble opinion.

  4. Fabulous puzzles, and the puzzle foldaway is brilliant, as i am always doing puzzles, this would come in very handy

  5. What a lovely jigsaw, we love doing jigsaws in our house, so I puzzle board like that would be ideal for us.

  6. I absolutely love doing jigsaws, I find it really therapeutic to come and relax in the evening after a stressful day in work and spend an hour on a jigsaw

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