Fairytale Fantasia – Review

Fairytale Fantasia is a beautiful 1,000 piece puzzle from Ravensburger by artist Aimee Stewart. Suitable for ages 14+ RRP £12.99.

Fairytale Fantasia is the not the first puzzle that I have completed from Aimee Stewart, It is a beautiful mix of fantasy and mystical illustrations. There is a dragon so that made me happy and I decided that #nationalpuzzleday was a great day to start my fantasy adventure.

This puzzle is a standard 1,000 piece and I always start sorting the edges. It soon became apparent that I wasn’t going to find any blocks of colour. There is plenty of detail in each piece so I decided it would be best to identify pieces. I found the white of the open book and mysterious lady in the dress easy to find.

The Fairytale haze at the top of the puzzle also seemed easy enough to find. After this it was a case of locating each piece. This meant that this puzzle was a little trickier than others that I have done. This style of puzzle is very similar to the Glorious Vintage puzzle that I have completed from Aimee. Fairytale Fantasia has a beautiful feel to the illustration and so much detail that you only notice on closer inspection.

I have loved completing the Fairytale Fantasia puzzle it has some stunning colours and hidden creatures. There is even a beautiful blue dragon sleeping on the shelves of the book shop. This is a beautiful puzzle best suited to older puzzlers or those who love a mythical fairytale.

Fairytale Fantasia is available now online from Amazon with my affiliate link below, or from your favourite puzzle store.

Disclaimer, I was sent this puzzle for the purpose of review. The words remain my own and have not been altered.

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