Disney Collector’s Edition Dumbo – Review

Disney Collector’s Edition Dumbo is a 1,000 piece puzzle from Ravensburger available for RRP £12.99 and suited to ages 14+.

As a big Disney fan this Dumbo Disney Collectors edition puzzle was always going to be a hit. It did however prove a little more tricky to complete than other Ravensburger puzzles that I have completed. I started as always sorting my edge pieces, and found them easily as the edge of this puzzle is a dark blue. Completing the edge was the first challenge as the dark blue is only slightly different on each side and there was a faint background but no definite pattern.

The edges were not the only part of the puzzle that proved to be a challenge in the Dumbo puzzle. The film strip across the top of the puzzle was again easy to find, and more tricky to complete. Then the rest of the puzzle was one I almost had to complete a piece at a time. There are large areas of bold colours like Dumbo’s ears and the steel grey. Timothy mouse was also easy to complete.

The challenge of this Dumbo puzzle was in completing the rest as there were only subtle differences in colours and patterns on the pieces. I found that if I sorted different areas I could find odd pieces and the rest was just trial and error. The joy of completing the Dumbo puzzle was in the memories of watching the film as a kid.

Dumbo is a classic film, and one that I think most families will have heard of or seen. With a new film due shortly this puzzle would make a great gift for any Disney fan. I loved completing this Dumbo Collectors Edition puzzle and will keep a look out for other puzzles in the series.

Dumbo Collectors edition puzzle is available now with my affiliate link below or your local stockist

Disclaimer, I was sent this puzzle in return for a review. The words remain my own and have not been altered #Review #Notpaid

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