Blackpool Happy Days – Review

Blackpool is the eleventh of the Happy Days series of 1,000 piece puzzles from Ravensburger. Available for £11.99 and suited to ages 10+.blackpool-ravensburger

I have now done a few of the Happy days puzzles from Ravensburger and I think this one is my new favourite. I have many happy memories of days spent in this historic seaside town. The Happy Days Blackpool puzzle has a sense of nostalgia as well as depicting all the classic parts of Blackpool. From the tower, trams and donkeys and of course the lights this picture has it all.



Happy Days Blackpool was a pleasure to complete, and I had no problems with any large areas of colour. I completed this puzzle in my usual 4/5 hours. The colours are bright so I started with the blues and yellows. The pavement was also easy to complete and helped shape the Blackpool picture. The illustration from Kevin Walsh has some lovely characters and these were next to be completed.



The sky was the last part I finished on this puzzle and finished the Blackpool scene. The Happy days series have a nostalgic feel, while still remaining bright and interesting puzzles. I think this is one that Bingo Granny will also enjoy completing. Despite the fact she has never visited this British holiday destination.



Blackpool happy days puzzle is available now from retailers including Amazon and my affiliate link to purchase is below. Visit the Ravensburger website for more puzzles in the Happy Days Series.


Disclaimer I was sent this puzzle in return for an honest review.

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  1. Ravensburger puzzles are brilliant. They have so many great images and they are so full of detail that they are fun to spend hours doing them quite happily.

  2. Great review, thanks for sharing. We love jigsaws and they are always popular at the sheltered accommodation where my mum lives – they have jigsaws in the communal lounge and always have one or two on the go (on separate tables obviously)

  3. Great review, I have so many happy childhood memories of Blackpool going there with my Nan. Although it looks quite tricky for a 10 year old to do.

  4. I love jigsaws, I could happily while away many an hour doing a jigsaw, especially during the cold winter months, curled up in front of the fire!

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