York Dungeons

Over the half term we took a quick trip up to Yorkshire. I have never stayed in this part of the country and it was very beautify helped along by a nice dose of sunshine!

We had decided on our way home to break up the trip with a stop off and visit York Dungeons. This was to be number 10 in our Merlin Park Challenge List

Now I will warn any of you that are thinking of going that it doesn’t recommend this attraction for under 10’s. The boy is 7 nearly 8 and I thought it was worth the risk, as we have our pass, and they said we could get out if we spoke to a member of staff.

The boy was very clingy and worried, he gets like this, but once we were through the first of the rooms this soon changed to nervous excitement!! The attraction is not like the other Merlin attractions. You are traveling as a small group through rooms and historical stories. We started with he Pague, moved through Viking York then Rome and into Victorian times with beheading, torture, witches, explosions and blood along the way.
Boys will especially like this and the boy came out very excited that he had learnt all about the Plague. So much so that we spent 2 hours of the journey home talking about the effects and googling various questions!
If you are of a nervous disposition, or don’t like being in front of strangers, then this is not the tour for you. But we really enjoyed it. If you imagine horrible histories but a bit darker. Its a bit like traveling back in time! I wont tell you exactly what they do as this would spoil it for those of you that might like to give it a try. But I can tell you that the characters are brilliant, and we laughed a lot too!

We give this 4/5 and are looking forward to the London Dungeons some time in the summer…

sorry there are no pictures for this one, but you are not allowed to take video or photos while inside.

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