The Day Disney came to our house!

Yes that’s right, today part of Disney came to our house, well a little bit of Disney, but Mickey did make the journey from London by train just to meet us!
We are so excited to have been chosen as “Disney’s Funniest UK Family”

We are all thrilled that Disney has chosen us for this fantastic prize. As well as a family holiday Disney will be donating £20,000 on our behalf to Red Nose Day bringing our fundraising total up to £20,235.00. This is incredible when I think back to setting my original target of £50.

A Huge THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored us and encouraged us to do something funny for money, we wouldn’t be funny without you!
You can still donate if you wish as its never to late, the link is HERE

It look like we might be minor celebrity’s for a while, as we have already done a piece for our local paper, as well as a radio interview, whatever will be next?

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  1. Thank you, we are very excited too, in fact I haven’t taken my Minnie Ears off yet! I wonder if I can sleep in them?

  2. Thanks everyone, so far newsround, local radio and one newspaper, I know that we will be in our local paper this Thursday, so have had our 15 minutes of fame…

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