A Pokémon day in London

Last week the boy and I set off to London Zoo to go and meet Pikachu and try out the new Pokémon X&Y games for Nintendo, as well as the Trading Card Game (TCG). We were both excited as we don’t often have days out just the two of us, but with Dad M in his plaster cast it would have been too difficult for him to get around so we left him tucked up at home.

I have never had such a good set of train connections, and before we knew it we had arrived. Now you will have to forgive me as I don’t know the names of the Pokémon but I am learning, and we were greeted with 3 models of some of the new X&Y characters. The boy tried out the new DS Pokémon X&Y and as much as he would love a DS of his own he has a different surprise waiting this Christmas.

The surprise for both of us was the Pokémon TCG, we were invited to play with a helpful professional, and soon the boy was hooked. We were shown simple rules, and I could liken the game to top trumps, with more powers. The boy soon picked it up and challenged his opponent to another match which he won. We ate cakes and visited the zoo, and were given the Pokémon TCG as a gift to take home. For the boy the best bit was beating me at Pokémon TCG all the way home, we lost count but I know I was beaten!

For the whole weekend the boy entertained his Dad with the game, while I finished the decorating and thanks to Pokémon who gave the boy an X&Y expansion pack he has started to customise his set of cards. This has proved tricky as Dad was soundly beaten but a little tweaking and you can soon even out the odds. The boy certainly has enjoyed learning the Pokémon Trading card game, and I am sure Santa might stop off and invest in a couple of the collectible packs which are a great pocket-money price and available in shops, as well as supermarkets. If you would like to find out more, or should I say if you kids are interested in more information you can visit the Trading Card Game website here.


Disclaimer we were asked to attend a day out with Pokémon, the opinions remain our own


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