Legoland Windsor, our review

in June we had a sneaky weekend at Legoland, Windsor, we booked into the hotel which doesn’t come cheep but as we had an inset day we thought it would be a nice way to spend a couple of days. This was also to be park number 11 in our Merlin challenge, where as a family we are attempting to visit all 31 or the Merlin attractions in the UK in one year. I think for an average family of 4 it will cost about £100 to gain access to the park but if you choose you can pay more for Q-bots and extras. I know lots of my friends use their Tesco vouchers as this is a way to greatly reduce the cost as well as taking a picnic!

We went to Legoland Winsor for the boys 5th Birthday, and he did enjoy it but was a bit young for some of the rides. This time he wanted to go on all the rides and a particular favourite was the Dragon coaster. This is not a very scary coaster and it could do with going round twice but it is fun and perfect for a thrill seeking 7-year-old.

My favourite rides were tomb blaster and the Atlantis submarine, these were both rides that opened early for hotel guests and as they are popular usually have very long queues. The boy loved making the Lego models and I think he would love Legoland even more if there was more Lego building. He still loved the bouncy ride in the tomb blasters exit, this is his favourite whichever park we visit!

One place the boy likes to stop is the model making workshop. You choose the difficulty level, we went for expert and you can sit at a table and build. There was something for everyone from animals to motorbikes and also some of the newer Lego friends for the girls. The boy built a motorbike, and the parents get a well-earned rest.

It’s also worth mentioning mini land. We went for a look round and see if there had been any new additions since our last visit. There is however something new for everyone as I spotted things I didn’t notice last time but the boy assured me had been there all the time!

Another good attraction if you have a Star Wars fan was the model exhibition. Although you can’t touch the models, there were buttons to press to activate some of them. Our favourite was the millennium falcon which took off in front of you and was quite dramatic. The boy took lots of photos of all his favourite characters.

Some of the other rides worth a mention are the driving school, which the boy wasn’t old enough to do last time but loved this time. Also make sure you stop and watch the show, Pirates of skeleton bay. This hadn’t changed since our last visit, but was still a good all action show for all the family to enjoy.

I think if I had to choose I would rather go to Legoland discovery in Manchester, as this had more to entertain a huge Lego fan, like the boy. If you choose this park then I think the best ages for the park are between 5 and 8 as  at these ages there are lots to keep them entertained. If you want to avoid the crowds then don’t go in the summer holidays as it is always busy. We found that Sunday was much quieter than the Monday to our surprise and if you stay after 5pm the ride queues were almost empty. We didn’t go to the New Duplo water area as we had a pool in the hotel but from what I could see this looked great fun for little ones.


This is my opinion and is not a sponsored post.

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