Marwell Sunset Party in the Park

Last week we were lucky enough to win tickets to Marwell zoo’s Sunset Party in the Park with Let’s Go with the Children.

We were very excited about going, and despite the fact dad was stuck behind a broken down train for over an hour we still made it to the Zoo, a little late but still in time to enjoy the entertainment. We have been to Marwell a couple of times before, and love all the different animals. It was a beautiful warm evening, and it felt like we almost had the whole park to ourselves as it didn’t feel busy at all. We headed to the giraffe house as this is also where the Bongo’s are, Dads favourite animal. The boy took some great pictures of the Leopard and also some very funny fish. There were lots of keepers about to ask questions and the boy had some good ones for the Giraffe keeper. Do you know why a giraffes tongue is black?

We headed off to find the bouncy castle and the free Pom Bear Zoo snacks! Then where to find out where the fire people? The boy was very excited as he wanted to know how they were going to eat fire without getting burnt! A quick stop off to see the baby snow leopard, which you can see on TV so you don’t disturb them. And we found the fire eating Women! Ok so they didn’t eat the fire, but I can recommend Juggling Inferno as they were something different. Fire whips are interesting and the boy said “That’s Awesome!” and the finally was juggling fireworks! Not something I would recommend trying at home…
The Samba band were a great addition and you could hear the music across the park. We found the bouncing kangaroos right at the last-minute as they hopped up the hill and all too soon it was time to go home.

We had a lovely evening at Marwell, and I know we will be back as it’s not too far for us to travel. There can be a lot of walking at this Zoo so by coming later in the day it’s not to hot. It was great having keepers to talk too, and they did some live talks, but we missed these due to Dad’s stuck train. I think this was still worth the trip and would recommend coming to the evening party’s.

There is another one on 21st June this one will have a man with giant bubble’s!

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  1. it was really lovely and so quiet! a lot of walking though as it is rather a big zoo but worth considering!

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