London Sea Life Aquarium

London Sea Life Aquarium is park number 14 on Our Merlin Challenge list, and I will confess at this point that the Sea Life Centres are all starting t merge into one! While the fish are obviously different the layouts and exhibits are all very similar.

Having said that we do seem to find a different of new creature each time, this time we found sand worms! These strange-looking and striped things were popping their heads out of the sand like little watery Meer cats! I still love all the rays and sharks as well as the seahorses. My favourite seahorses though are still the seaweed seahorses from Weymouth Sealife.

The London Sea Life does have a huge shark tank, with the usual tunnel but also has the added fun of as you go into the building you walk over the top of the tank on a glass floor. I think we all enjoyed our time, and as usual the boy stopped to answer the questions and get his badge. The London Sea Life Aquarium is a great place to visit, and you can get a combination ticket with the Eye, Dungeons and other attractions which makes it better value.

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  1. I am glad I have found your blog as I am struggling to find ideas for days out as my son is getting older. As we are in the fish interest stage – I was interested what you had to say about sealife centres, cant wait to visit London with him,

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