Hotter Shoes at Chelsea

I was recently invited to a Hotter shoe party in Horsham by BakesBooksandMyBoys which got me very excited as I never treat myself to anything! This was going to be my first experience of Hotter shoes, and after a warm welcome and a few nibbles I set about browsing the store.

I decided to have my feet measured, as I can’t remember the last time I did this, and after some trying on and great advice from the staff discovered that I have strange feet. Although I am a standard six, due to a low ankle bone and narrow heels a five and a half or narrow fitting was a much better fit. I was very impressed with the patience and of the Hotter store staff as I spent an hour trying to find the right shoes. Only slightly disappointed that they didn’t have the chosen ones in stock, they offered to have the shoes ordered and delivered to my home.

hotter shoes

Leaving with an empty bag, was a little strange, but I was assured they would arrive shortly. I was excited that I would no longer be a hotter shoe virgin. Sure enough after about 10 days my shoes arrived, I had chosen Quake in Mauve Nubuck (although I think they look more of a soft pink). They fitted perfectly and had arrived just in time for me to set them the ultimate test a day out at Chelsea Flower show.

hotter shoes at chelsea

Chelsea flower show was the perfect test of all the Hotter shoe claims, comfort, style and adventure! There was no slipping about on the tube as the touch fastening kept them in place. They certainly had style and looked so much nicer than my trainers. I saw so many people as they left changing out of their shoes into something more comfy. I didn’t have too, as the Hotter shoes have millions of little bubbles in the soles to keep your feet comfy. It certainly was a long day on my feet, and with plenty of walking I made it home with happy feet, and a camera full of fantastic flower pictures.

hotter shoes london

I have been impressed with my Hotter shoes, and the fact that 80% of the shoes from Hotter are British made means that I will be back for more very soon. If you would like to try hotter shoes for yourself I have an offer to share with you, use the code PPATEN to receive £10 off plus free delivery for your first order, then you too will no longer be a Hotter shoes virgin!

Terms and conditions are £10 off plus FREE delivery is for first orders only. You are entitled to £10 off the total order value of any full priced items in the Hotter range (excluding shoe care products and accessories) plus FREE delivery. Minimum order value £25. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer or on Sale or Factory Clearance items and gift vouchers. Expires 30/6/16

Disclaimer I was given a pair of hotter shoes in return for being asked to write about the event. The words remain my own and have not been altered.


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  1. Hotter shoes are lovely..always really comfy and well made. You often have to pay for the added quality but they often have a lot of discounts and offers on so I always look out for those. x

  2. I love the neutral colour as it means you can wear them with pretty much anything. They look so nice. I am forever wearing trainers which never really looks pretty. But if these are as comfy then I really want to give them a go.

  3. These shoes look so very comfortable and I love the range which has become more fashion conscious over the last couple of years!

  4. I have not tried Hotter shoes but will certainly look out for them as I do suffer with fallen arches and can only wear certain styles, with a raised arch.

  5. I bought my first pair of Hotter shoes a few weeks ago. Why on earth didn’t I buy them years ago! Finally something that doesn’t cripple me!

  6. I’ve had a pair of Hotter shoes for ages. They are really so well designed and incredibly durable…just like ‘proper’ shoes in days of old (as mum puts it) 😉

  7. Hotter shoes are so pretty ! I have a 50s summer dress that is just shouting out for Hotter shoes to go with it

  8. I bourght myself a pair of hotter sandals this summer and they are so comfy more like wearing my favourite slippers except outside!

  9. I have never brought Hotter shoes before but have heard they are meant to be comfy and good quality. These shoes look really nice xxx

  10. My mum has always been a huge Hotter fan and I would agree totally with your choice of footwear! Perfect for all the summer activities.

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