Castles and Canons, at Dartmouth Castle, Devon

On the bank holiday weekend we popped down to Devon on a secret mission to be revealed later and while we were there we thought we would go and visit Dartmouth castle.

Dartmouth Castle is one of the property’s looked after by English Heritage and along with over 300 sites, form an amazing mix of family days out. We chose Dartmouth castle as the boy wanted to go to a real castle. Our last visit was to Battle Abbey in East Sussex, and although it was great fun it wasn’t an actual castle. We were really thrilled to be chosen by NetMums to help them review some of the English Heritage properties over the summer and were looking forward to some real castle fun!

Dartmouth Castle can be found at the opening of the river Dart, and first we had to find a way across  the river, this was an adventure in itself. We chose the lower Dart ferry, and I would recommend this. It was a tug and a floating platform for 6 cars. It was surprisingly fast though and minutes later we were on the other side of the river.

There is restricted parking (about 8 spaces) in the car park outside the castle, but we were lucky and found parking on the road close by, so didn’t have far to walk. The views from the castle over the river and out to sea are stunning and on a beautiful day you could see for miles. You can certainly see why they chose this spot to defend the inland town of Dartmouth.
It costs £5.00 for adults, £3.00 for children and £13.00 for a family which is very reasonable, for their opening times have a look on the English Heritage page.

There were plenty of things to look at and read, with loads of cannons on the battlements, the boy and daddy were very happy. There are no audio guides at the site so all information is from the boards. There is also an interesting canon loading video in one of the basement rooms. You could still get the feel for how the castle might have been during the 600 years it was in use.

The boy especially enjoyed all the cannons, and guns, there were displays for children to try helmets and uniform out as well as the more traditional static displays. Here is what the boy had to say about Dartmouth castle.

Dartmouth castle was a lovely place to visit, I would say there is not too much to look at as it is a small site so would not fill a whole day. You could also pop along the river a bit and visit Bayard’s Cove Fort, but we ran out of time and needed to get back to our campsite.

Have a look at their webpage for details of upcoming events at Dartmouth Castle

Disclaimer we have been asked by Netmums to visit English Heritage sites over the summer as well as access to the sites we have been compensated for our travel costs. The opinions remain ours and have not been altered.


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