An evening out at Dean’s Diner Port Solent

When I was asked to pop along to Dean’s Diner and try out their restaurant at Post Solent I could hardly refuse. As a family we have a great love of all things American, and this would be right up our street.
Dean’s Diner as the name might suggest is an old American style 50/60’s diner, they serve proper burger style food, fries, shakes and good old homemade pudding favourite’s.
For this mission we took a friend who we can call J, she is also a huge American & Disney fan, and many an hour has been spent comparing Disney rides. So this seemed the ideal opportunity to have an evening out and discuss all the rides we will be trying in Disneyland Paris in just a weeks time!

Port Solent itself is a Marina, so has great views out from all the restaurants over some pretty nice boats, and although it was a warm evening, the boy chose a booth inside for us to sit in. The restaurant has a great atmosphere with all the decoration that you would expect, from red leatherette chairs and tomato shaped sauce bottles, to a real juke box and serving bar! There were lots of other customer but we were seated quickly and it didn’t feel cramped. We were handed menus and we were asked by our very cheerful waitress Emma if we would like drinks straight away, or time to think.

We chose to have a good look first and then decide, and it wasn’t long before Emma was back to take our orders. We chose all our food and drinks and Emma who was possibly the most cheerful person I have met, was only too happy to explain items on the menu for us.
The food and drinks arrived very quickly, and we soon tucked in. The boy had been to a party so we didn’t order a full meal for him but instead he shared some of Daddy M’s ribs. The kids menu looked good with a mix of burgers, hotdogs fries and other bits, along with mini milk shakes all with a fun colouring sheet and puzzles.
I chose a simple chicken burger with sides and J chose a combo meal. All the food looked appetising and was nice and hot, and there were fun touches like the fries coming out in little baskets.

Soon it was time to clear away and have pudding, and this is my favourite bit! Unfortunately there was only one piece of apple pie left, which meant I had to share with the boy, while J had hot fudge cake, and daddy had a pancake stack. Now I would go back just for the apple pie as it was lovely, and we all tried some of J’s chocolate cake which was rich and also very nice. All too soon dinner was over and it was time to go home, so we said our goodbyes, took a few more pictures and strolled back to the car.

I would recommend this restaurant for the atmosphere and I would love to sit outside of an evening, so this is a great spot. The food was of a good standard and plenty of it, if you like American style burgers, its like an upmarket fast food joint. You do have to order all your sides separately which can make it expensive, and for the three adults and one child (the child had no main meal) the bill came to £63.50. We thought that the combo meals looked the best value, but I think you are paying a little extra for the area this restaurant is in. The staff were all happy and seemed to be enjoying their work and we couldn’t fault the service. I think if we pass this way again, I might just have to pop back in for that missing piece of apple pie!

Thanks to Dean’s Diner we were given our food and travel, the review and thoughts however remain ours and are unaltered.

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    1. Ohh where will your one be? I hadn’t heard of them before we went, but our friend J had, and said they were nice.

  1. I’ve never heard of them before! Do like a good American diner from time to time, those desserts look yummy!

    1. It was very red, that is why I think all the pictures have an odd tint, but is was fun and we had a lovely evening.

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