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Admiral Young Driver program is a safe way to teach children aged as young as 5 to control a car and start the enjoyment of driving. The boy was a little nervous to try out the Admiral Young drivers programme. He needn’t have been as he had a great time.

The boy want’s to be a policeman when he is older and learning to drive will be a big part of the job if he does eventually choose this as a career. I have always wanted thought its good to learn things early so driving lessons was on my list of things to get the boy to try. We booked a 1/2 hour lesson with the Admiral young drivers at Southampton WestQuay car park.

The boy was worried he might drive over the edge of the car park. The booking in lady quickly put his mind at rest, as apparently this is a question she is asked often! There are some height restrictions for the drivers and they should be over 10 and a minimum of 1.42m tall. The boy was soon seated in the car and there are proper cushions to bring the seat height up to the correct height. I was allowed to join in as a passenger for the lesson, while dad stood at a safe distance and took pictures.

The top-level of the WestQuay car park was set out with junctions and obstacles and with other Admiral young drivers there is plenty to be aware of while learning to drive. The boy was put at ease by his instructor Barry, and within 5 minutes they had completed the pre drive checks and we were moving.

Each new Admiral young driver is given a diary which is completed after each lesson. This is a great record of what you learned as well as being something to record the steps and progress. As a first lesson the boy learnt to make pre drive checks of mirrors, seat and starting the vehicle. He then went on to control the vehicle and completed junctions and a slalom.

I was very impressed by the teaching, and the instructor moved the lesson on at the speed that each student needs. The boy was clearly in control and loving every minute. There was time to ask lots of questions and the instructor had lots of knowledge of the Skoda citigo that we were driving.

The half hour Admiral young drivers lesson was a good length for a first lesson as the boy said his legs felt a little wobbly after all the clutch control. The boy has also asked when he can have his next lesson, as he enjoyed it far more than he thought he would and I think maybe a few lessons a year at his age certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Visit the Admiral Young Driver website for all the different options from lessons to Birthday parties and even the chance to drive a Bentley.

Disclaimer we were asked to try out the young driver programme in return for a review, the words remain ours and have not been altered.


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  1. Not sure if it’s classed as arts and crafts but our favorite thing to do is baking! Especially at easter!

  2. I learnt to drive and passed at 17, I will definitely encourage my son to learn but if he’s anything like me, he’ll be chomping at the bit to get started

  3. I passed my test when I was 18 and my daughter has just started learning to drive. Was a bit nervous at first but gradually getting more confident. She finds the clutch control hard as her leg starts aching

  4. I passed my test when I was 25, so quite late but I did pass first time and of course I’ll encourage my daughter to drive xxx

  5. I passed at age 32 after learning on and off for ten years. I will be encouraging my children a lot sooner and I love the fact they get the chance to have the experience sooner.

  6. I haven’t yet passed my test but want to starts learning when baby no 3 arrives in July! I will absolutely encourage my kids

  7. I passed my driving test aged 20. This is such a good idea and I will be encouraging both my girls to learn to drive, it’s really an invaluable skill.

  8. I passed my test when I was 23, yes I will encourage my son & daughter to drive when they are old enough to. I love the fact they can experience driving sooner my son would love this.

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