A lovely day out and park number one of our challenge

Sunday was a lovely day out…
The first day of our Merlin pass and one that has been in the planning for a while now. Thanks to Sterimar baby for their brilliant name the dolphin competition and for choosing us as the winners.

So we started our year with a visit to the Sealife Centre Brighton
It normally costs £16.20 for adults and £11.40 for children, visit the website for discounts and offers.
Its one of the more expensive of the sea life centres so we were looking forward to a good afternoon.

The entrance is opposite the pier so easy to find and you get a feel of the 140 year history as you enter the gate guarded by stone fish. Dropping down to the entrance, you enter the usual sea life styled entrance. Once we had been photographed and checked in we proceeded through the double doors into the most amazing vaulted corridor. The lighting makes the atmosphere amazing and changes colour, dad was surprised at the size, and the boys amazed at all the tanks lining the walls.

Lots of fish as you would expect, but huge spider crabs! Something I have never seen before. The boys ran from tank to tank shouting out their finds and calling us over. At this point I will say this building is old, so lots of levels and lots of steps. The boy was the first to trip, and has a huge bruise to prove it!
Next the tank of things you can hold, the boy held crabs and touched sea anemones, his friend was reluctant but did join in. Then more tanks of stingrays, fish, turtles mixed exhibits and question and answer boards with interesting facts.

We had booked a glass bottom boat ride (additional £1.50 per person) and made our way to the shark tank. We left our bags and popped on shoe covers to get on the boat. There was only one other family so plenty of time to ask lots of questions and the man on the boat certainly knew his sharks from his fish! Its thrilling to see all the sharks turtles and fish under your feet, and we even know their names.

We stayed to watch them feed the shark’s and then made our way through to see the rest of the tanks.
Just seahorses, octopus and even guppies… time speed by and before we knew it was closing time. There seemed lots we didn’t do with quizzes, and colouring in and hats. There is a behind the scenes area (additional £3.00 per person) and a pottery painting area, cafe and coffee shop.

This is a hidden gem in Brighton and I know we will be back, if only to see the new octopus exhibits. I would recommend this as a great place to visit with any age kids, as dad loved it too. The boys both said it was brilliant so I think they had fun…now which venue next…

Thanks to sealife,sterimar.

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