A day out at Tilgate Park Crawley

Today I had the boy all to myself, as the school holidays are always a bit of a juggling game! So I was thrilled to be asked to go and visit the new Go Ape at Tilgate park Crawley. But what was an even greater surprise was the rest of Tilgate park.
I had packed a picnic, and planned to have an explore after our tree climbing adventure, in the end we stayed for 6 hours! You can read more about our Go Ape adventure separately, but I would recommend a day out at Tilgate just as much as climbing the trees.

The park was very well signposted, and surprisingly easy to find with a 7-year-old navigating from a map. The car park on site is £3 you pay on entering so no extra fuss having tickets and that is for the whole day, so no rushing back to the car. We found a lovely shady spot to park and although the park seemed busy there were plenty of spaces. The toilets were large and pretty clean for public ones, and had lots of baby changing facilities. There is a restaurant on site called Smith and Western, we have one in Chichester and it does great American style burgers.

This park seemed huge, and as we explored it seemed bigger. There is a lake area lots of open grassland for games and picnic’s. There was a lovely play area close to the Junior Go Ape course for the smaller ones. There is forest with mountain bike trails, and pretty walled gardens. The gardens were beautiful and had a maze, café and even a small zoo. (its £2 adult £1 child) We didn’t go in the zoo area but were told they have lots of petting animals and even mere cats! The boy had great fun in the maze, and I was timing him to see how long it took him to find the middle without cheating. He didn’t want an ice-cream so we explored the other side of the garden where there is a lovely picnic spot with benches. We had a great game of capture the flag, with some fab places to hide.

Then it was time to go, as I didn’t want to meet the rush hour traffic. This park is fantastic and if it was on my doorstep I would be very excited as the boy would love to ride all the dirt trails in the forest. I think it will be a mission now to find something similar a bit closer to home, and if not we will bring Daddy back for a look.

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