Wreck it Ralph

I was lucky enought to win tickets to see Disney’s new film Wreck it Ralph. We had to drive to Brighton’s odeon cinema, but thought we would make a day of it.
We arrived early so early the cinema wasn’t even open! But didn’t have to wait long.
As a family we have never seen a 3D film so we did get a bit excited, especially Dad.

The film is ok, I confess I was thinking it might have been exceptional. The boys thought it was great, and time didn’t drag. I loved the references to arcade games thatvi played in my teens, this went over the boys heads. They liked the guns and monsters. I think girls will like the heroine, so something for everyone.
The story is easy to follow lonely bad guy looking for a friend and some nice effects, although not as many as I expected.
I won’t give the plot away, but it all ends well.

I am glad I didn’t spend lots to see it but its still a nice film.

The film is out in cinemas from 8th feb…

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