Wicked Young Writers 2013

Last year I entered lots of competitions, as well as getting the boy to enter some. He was very lucky, and amongst the prizes he won, was being chosen as one of the finalists in the Wicked Young Writers award. This is a great way to get kids interested in writing their own stories and reading more books. I have always been passionate about reading with the boy and saw this as another way to get him excited and some of his imaginative ideas on paper.

His story was actually one that he wrote for a project in Y1 when he was only 6 and he was thrilled to go up to London. As well as meeting the cast of the show Wicked, he got to see his story published in a book. He appeared onstage with Michael Morpurgo, whose books include Dolphin Boy (our favourite) and war-horse which was very exciting.

Finalists from 2012

He didn’t win the main prize which included show tickets but it was still a very thrilling experience. The Wicked Young Writers competition opened this week, and you can find lots of details of how you can get your children involved on their website http://www.wickedyoungwriters.com/ Send in your child’s story or maybe get your school or childs class involved, it’s certainly a good way to encourage children to explore their imagination!







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