Wednesday is the best day of the week…

I love wednesdays!

That may seem a strange day to pick, I know and this time last year I am not sure I would have said this. Why? Well its a strange one, but I have a new love of fencing. No not the type you have in the garden, but the one with swords, or foils to give them their proper name.
I know its a bit of an odd thing to say, but since my son started fencing about a year ago I have finally found a sport that I enjoy. I never had been a fan of football, tennis etc. I can put up with some of the different sports especially those in the winter olympics, but am definatly a sofa kind of sports person.
I suppose I was lucky that my son chose fencing as a sport to try in the first place. He saw a flyer in his school bag and asked to give it a try. I never have been a mum to force him to do things (except for swimming) so try not to say no if he finds something he thinks he might like.
After a term at school I discovered the teacher was not in control and the boy found that the others mucked about a lot.
I found a new club, with a new teacher so we tryed it out and he loved it! So now every wednesday I sit and watch, the teacher is amazing with the kids and teaches them respect and lots of life lessons.
The boy has taken part in 2 competitions and done really well by winning a trophy on the first one. Hes just been given another best fencer trophy, and a gold medal.
So here I am on a Friday night, writing this post in another sports hall as now the boy has decided that 1 day is not enough. The things us mums do for our kids…But this one does make me smile…

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