SpyNet Ultra Vision Binoculars

The boy has been asking for spy gear for the last two Christmases so when we were asked to review SpyNet™ Ultravision Binoculars I could hardly refuse! The binoculars have a  RRP £49.99 which I thought was a bit pricey for a toy, and I have always been a bit wary of these type of product in case they are poorly made and don’t work properly. The last thing you would want is a disappointed spy on Christmas Day.

The binoculars arrived and the boy was beyond excited, now here is where I point out one of my parenting bug bears. This product requires batteries (4 xAA) and this wasn’t immediately clear from the packaging, so we had to send Dad out to go and get some.  I had run out, something I stock up on coming up to Christmas! You will also need a Micro SD card which is also not supplied, if you want to store pictures and use the video modes. Once we had got past the usual tough entry packaging (we said it had to be spy proof) and also the usual screwdriver needed for battery insertion, we were set to start our mission.

The SpyNet ultra vision binoculars come with Real Night Vision, Thermal-Tech effect, Ghost Recon and Daytime Surveillance modes. The boy started of with the thermal mode which he thought was real, the images are certainly good fun. The boy especially liked that he could record images with the internal camera. You can also use the binoculars to video your suspects, and for the next hour Dad and I were suspects as we went about our tasks! The binoculars come with a wide viewer which was good for a glasses wearer like spy boy, and also a strap for easy wearing, and to keep hands free for that secret mission!

There are lots of different buttons on the SpyNet Binoculars accompanied by comprehensive instructions, but to be honest Spy boy didn’t bother reading them. I think kids are much happier learning as they go, and he keeps finding new things that the binoculars can do. Spy boy HAD to take the binoculars to bed that night and was thrilled when the cat woke him up at 1am, meaning he had to use the night vision to take pictures of her as she settled back to sleep.

I asked Spy boy if this was a good toy and he tells me

These are awesome, epically, cool, and are more than a 5 out of 5. I cant wait to tell my friends about them as I don’t think they will believe me! I want to take them to school to show them.

As a parent, I am very happy that the SpyNet™ Ultravision Binoculars are better value for money than I had imagined, Spy boy hasn’t played with anything else all week, and cant wait to get home for his next secret mission. We haven’t had a chance to download the pictures or videos from the binoculars, as you can use the view mode to look at them. I don’t think they will be great, but the boy is happy that they are spy like and that he has control of taking them.  I think we will have to look into some of the other Spy Net gear for Christmas, other items available are: Spy Net™ Bionic Ear Stealth Listening Device RRP £14.99, Spy Net™ Metal Detector RRP £14.99

The Spy Net range is suitable for ages 6+ the binoculars are recommended for 8+ and are available now from all good retailers, including Argos, Toys R Us, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Smiths.


Disclaimer we were given this item to review and keep the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

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  1. Thank you for this review. I’ve seen this gear as well, and my Spy Girl has been begging for a few years, but the whole line looks more fragile than the prices suggest. Thanks to your review, she just might find a pair of these under the Yule tree.

  2. Thanks for this it’s a great review my son has asked for these for Xmas and I wasn’t sure but having read your review I’m almost convinced!

  3. I’ve seen this gear as well, and my Spy Girl has been begging for a few years, but the whole line looks more fragile than the prices suggest. Thanks for your review.

  4. My son has just been given these and he loves them but he is very frustrated as he can’t work out how to turn on the LED lights (well they look LED) on the front. Do you know how to? I have looked all over the internet and can’t find any mention of them.

    1. I Don’t think they have LED lights, at least ours don’t (runs off to check) nope no lights, the bulbs on the front that you can see are for the night vision mode.

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