Some great snacks for Christmas treats

I tried lots of new snacks at the bloggers night in including Pop Chips, these different potato snack come in 3 flavours, sour cream and chives, salt and black cracked pepper and original. I really didn’t think that there was anything new that you could do with potato crisps but these are surprisingly different. At first from the name I though they were made from popcorn! But no they are 100% potato snacks. And being popped not fried contain less oil than a regular crisp.
I will confess to not being a fan of the cream cheese and chives flavour but this is more personal as they were nice just not my taste. My favorite flavour salt and cracked pepper will defiantly be on the next shopping list, as they were a great party snack and a made a nice change to regular crisps.

Another of my favourite’s were Mr Trotters Potato Chips they had a very tasty and unique flavour to them, and I do like a crisp with the skin on. They had a kind of meaty flavour although still being completely vegetarian. Dad M liked these too and said they were very tasty.

The boy also had a chance to try some of the samples that I brought home he said that the Darling popcorn that I tucked in his lunchbox was mega yummy! This luxury popcorn was a mixture of sweet and salty in one bag, and seems to be a hit. I like the fact it comes in a small bag, and think it is a healthy tasty snack to give the boy.

Snack surprise of the night has to go to the Coconut Peanuts from Tropical Sun, although there was mixed feelings about them, I really enjoyed them. Each peanut has a crunchy coconut shell, which was not too overpowering but a great different and unusual taste that I think you will either love or hate!


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