Singing in the Rain

I was very lucky in 2012, which seems to be so long ago now to win tickets to see singing in the rain at the Chichester Festival Theatre. I confess at this point to not having seen a show at Chichester before, but with the help of the boy and a box of Lego we were chosen with the winning photograph taken from the film!
Our winning picture and one that still makes me smile. It was the boys suggestion to shine a torch on the light to make it look like it was lit!
I thought it was only fair that I took my son, so we left daddy at home.
This was to be the first time my son had been to the theatre, and he certainly dressed the part in his shirt and waist coat. We took pennies for ice cream and even though it was a school night we set off. Now it had been a while since I had seen the film, and the boy didn’t know the story. But do you know we both loved it. The cast and singing were amazing, and although the story slowed in places the finally where they flood the stage and spray the audience was well worth the wait!
Since then I have seen a few more shows at this theatre. I have also been lucky enough to perform with my Ukulele friends on its stage. I am very much looking forward to when they have finished the refit, and wonder what the next show to take my fancy will be?

If you fancy seeing Singing in the Rain it is currently at London’s Palace Theatre, but be quick as the last show is on Saturday 8th June

This link should take you to some discounted tickets with up to £25 off

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