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Have you ever thought about your children’s safety while playing sports? I know I have with my sport mad boy. I know he is 8 and pretty responsible but it can be a worry when I leave him at his fencing club in case something went wrong and I wasn’t there.

Safesport id is a great idea, a wrist band which you can have personalised with your emergency contact details and medical information. The children’s bands come in different sizes and each is laser cut with the information you supply. I was able to add 4 lines of text, Name, emergency phone numbers and allergies. (Note double-check the information you add to the band, as I have put on the wrong phone number for dad!) The band remains discreet, but still easy to find, without being able to read the information from any distance. The bands are also available for adults and come in some great colours, this was the only draw back with the children’s band which is only available in red. For sports like running cycling, skiing where you might be on your own, if you were unfortunate to have an accident, services would know exactly who to contact or more importantly any existing medical conditions or medication.

The Safesport id band could also have a great use for smaller children on days out in theme parks or at the seaside The band is sized to your child so unlike a fashion band it will not fall off, it will also not disintegrate like the paper ones. The boy has been wearing his band now for the last few days and finds it comfy and forgets he has it on. He is pleased that he wouldn’t have to remember my phone number if he needed to contact me and likes the added security.

Safesport ID bands are manufactured in Spain, so the initial purchase is not cheep. Kids bands start from 16.95 Euros and I think an investment in your child’s safety if you spend a lot of time out and about or your child is a wanderer!

Safesport id have given me a code for anyone who would like to purchase a band of their own it gives you a 2 Euros discount use: safesporterqdbTINA at the checkout.


Disclaimer we were sent a safesport id band for the purpose of review, the opinions remain ours and have not been changed.

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  1. A brilliant idea, as the stepmother of a wandering stepson, it would be brilliant to have the reassurance that we could be contacted easily if we don’t catch him in time!

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