Pets at Home, Christmas gifts for our cats

Thanks to Pets at Home Magic and Mischief will be celebrating Christmas too. We always have a gift under the tree for our feline friends but this year they have a large box all to themselves. Instead of the usual tin of tuna or turkey scraps from the table on Christmas day, Pets at Home have sent them their own stocking, along with some other gifts range from their range for cats.

Pets at Home have a lovely range of Christmas gifts for your pet, from £2.50 for some treats, up to Santa with is springy arms and beef treat sticks. The stocking is also very reasonably priced at £5 and has a great mixture of toys and treats, with mice, glitter balls and chocolate drops. Our favourite is the reindeer with the green tail, which I think the boy has enjoyed possibly more than the cats will.

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We have a Pets at Home store locally, and they are always very friendly and helpful, they have a great selection of all the brands of pet food which we buy. We also like to pop in and see what fish they have from time to time. The boy was lucky enough to attend one of their workshops with his beavers group, they were brilliant with the kids telling them all the things you need to remember before getting a pet.

So if you haven’t already treated your pets, I am sure there is still time to pick up that little gift to give your beloved animals! Now what to get our three fish for Christmas?

Disclaimer we were sent a selection of products from the pets at home range, the opinions remain ours and are unchanged.

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  1. Aww I think it’s essential to treat the pets at Christmas, they are of course part of the family and deserve treats as much as everyone. Lovely selection there and all great value too.

  2. I was enjoying looking around Pets at Home recently, trying to persuade my partner I needed a new pet, but was a bit horrified at the ballerina costumes for dogs, you can go too far!!

  3. I always like to buy the pets a treat at Christmas. Some pets are easier to obtain gifts for than others. Pets at Home is a good shop for a browse, to see what is new etc.

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