Painting rooms

Is it ok to paint a room the same colour as a cereal packet?

Strange question I know, but one I found myself thinking about. Now if I go back to the beginning…
A year ago I was lucky enough to win a competition with Dorset Cereal. It was one of the first ones that I won on Facebook, and is still one of my favorites. You had to suggest a new flavour for granola and mine was Elderflower and Blackcurrant.
I was really quite shocked when they invited me to their Dorset HQ, and was given a lovely hamper. For six months of last year my cereal was on sale in Waitrose, Tescos and Sainsbury.

Fast forward…my husband jokingly suggested that we paint the dining room the colour of the packet, I wasn’t convinced but did like the idea. Last week, I had a day off and thought it would be good to decorate the small bedroom. Now the colour would really suit a spare room. So off to the Dulux decorating centre, I thought I might get a strange look when I pulled out the packet of cereal and asked them to match it! But it turns out that they have seen everything from flakes of paint, a coat with the person inside and even a front door!

I am very pleased with the result, The colour is a great match and with some Next sale curtains and a lamp to finish it off, I feel very at home in my new office!

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