Ozeri Pro Digital Kitchen Scales

We were sent Ozeri Pro Digital Kitchen Scales to review, and I have to say how impressed I am with them. I have only recently had the time to get the flour and eggs out of the cupboard and inspired by the Great British Bake off I have been baking cakes of my own. These Ozeri Digital Scales came along at just the right time as much as I love my old-fashioned scales, I like the fact with the Ozeri Digital Scales that you can weigh things into the mixing bowl. Saving on the washing up is always a bonus in my house, as its my least favourite job!

Yesterday I set about making a Double Ginger cake. The Ozeri Digital scales were very easy to use, they came with instructions but to be honest you just need to know the on/off, units (oz, g, kg, lb) and tare, which takes of the weight of your bowl away. For the recipe I was making I needed to melt butter sugar and syrup in a pan, the scales were perfect for this as I could remove the weight of the pan and add the ingredients. I could also remove the weight of each ingredient as I added it. The scales are also very accurate, and I experimented adding and removing 1g of flour. The scales are very light easy to keep clean with a quick wipe of a damp cloth. The display is clear and easy to read and also comes with a timer. This would come in useful if I was using both of my ovens as I only have one timer on the oven.

The Ozeri Digital scales can be bought from Amazon for £9.95 and can weigh from as little as 0.05oz up to 12lbs I think they are great value, and make a very stylish and handy gift.


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  1. These look fab,I’ve never used digital scales,but reading your review,this one sounds easy to use :),great review

  2. I just bought some of these scales two weeks ago from Amazon because I broke my last set when I accidently knocked them off the bench! You are right they are fab – and I feel pleased by other scales broke after all as my new scales are so much easier to use and clean too!

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