Merlin Park Challenge List

With all the school activity, after school clubs, you may think I have forgotten about our Merlin Park Challenge list. But I have been busy planning around all our other exciting trips. So this weekend we are off for a little treat and have booked a night in the LEGOLAND hotel.

I have been trying to win a nights stay ever since it opened and with a school inset day, and some Christmas pennies I decided to take the plunge. I think possibly I am looking forward to this a bit too much! The idea of two days filled with Lego, and the odd ride makes me smile and I hope the boy, and Dad will have fun too. In fact this weekend will be a busy one, with a nice girly trip to watch Robbie, and maybe the odd Pimms on route. Then next weekend a little trip to watch a new BBC1 game show filming in London while the boy is at camp… The summer starts here…and I certainly will have plenty to write about!

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